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Do or Die for Team USA

Just a few quick lines before the USA’ HUGE World Cup game/match tomorrow against a well organized Slovenia. Sitting here on the Gulf Coast on Marco Island, FL waiting for the oil to come ashore in an empty beach resort it gets easy to put this game into perspective. Do or die for our World Cup hopes, but very insignificant compared to the pending environmental disaster. That being said most of the “soccer talk” at the resort is about England – Algeria! Seems like the only people in this hotel besides me are England fans! Oh the irony! At the end of the future nuclear armegeddon there will only be cockroaches and England fans left on the earth!

Not used to the USA being a favorite in a WC match and it makes me nervous. I predict 1-0 USA on a set piece where Landon Donavan’s 13th. beautiful set piece is finally put into the net by the wasteful Jozy Altidore. Tim Howard cements his place as the top goalie of the tournament and the USA is into the final 16. A guy can hope!

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