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World Cup shock…the refs are doing OK!!

This World Cup has been underway for nearly a week and the most amazing shocking thing is the refereeing so far…..it’s actually been quite good!!    There have been a couple of goals that may have been given offside but overall it’s been competent which is pleasing.    This time FIFA seem to have gone easy on the new directives that are introduced on the eve of compettitions which serve only to confuse players and refs alike.  Which means Domenech can only blame balltitiude and vuvuzelas for France’s lame tepid clueless unimaginative trudges.  The big question is how he’s managed to cling onto his job.  He’s nearly gone and few French football fans will be sorry.  When Thierry handled them to the finals there were even some French fans who were disappointed because it meant another six months with him in  charge.   Although the point has to be made, their players don’t emerge from this with much credit either.  They never showed any desire  to go out and make the difference and win either game.  Suicidal against a technically proficient well disciplined side like Mexico.   But all isn’t lost.  France could yet go on to lift the trophy and, now I’ve praised the refs, Algeria will beat England  in controversial circuimstances. 

When South Korea pulled the goal back against Argentina it was refreshing that the South Americans continued to move forward.  Too many sides would have taken the cautious route and sat resolutely on what they had.   They got the reward too.  In the hullabaloo surrounding Messi it’s pleasing that Higuain got some acclaim.   It’s hard not to feel though that when they face higher class opposition the defence could be exposed and the lack of Cambiasso could yet prove costly to them.  Another entertaining aspect of Argentina’s games is Maradona patrolling the touchline with the air of an evil genius.  It seems a matter of time until he does something crazy.   When they face trouble you can imagine him dashing on the pitch and digging a hole or  doing an Ozzy Osbourne and biting a bat’s head off or something. 

England tomorrow morning!!  James is replacing Green in goal.  Why?  What has Green made a mistake or something?   Gareth Barry’s return is welcome but he’ll experience a strange kind of pressure.  Usually long awaited comebacks are for strikers.  There no pushovers at this level but Algeria is a game we can reasonably expect to win.    Lets blow the cobwebs away and get the job done.  COME ON ENGLAND!!  (although I’ll be pleased enough with a dirty crappy 1-0 with the goal a deflection off a passing dog!!)

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