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The Boothen End Bard – Ian Dyer’s Stanley Matthews Video

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The Boothen End Bard – Ian Dyer, Stoke City Football Club’s un official poet  has had a you tube video created that combines the legendary Sir Stanley Matthews and his poetic tribute to the great man “The Wizard Of Dribble.”

The link to the video is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnR1MKZtHdg
It shows Sir Stan playing in his final game and being carried aloft from the pitch at the end of the game by his fellow players. Ian’s words are played over the video and it adds a depth and appreciation to the archive footage. The wizard of the dribble can only be about one man, the closing line (which I won’t spoil for you) is a fitting tribute to the first global super star of football.. 

Dyer has released a charity CD, called One to Ten,

One to Ten available at Stoketshirts.co.uk

One to Ten available at Stoketshirts.co.uk

 containing 10 tracks all relating to Stoke City, it includes the classic “Fortress” which captures the feeling of Stoke’s return to the English Premier League for the first time in 23 years perfectly. £2 from every CD sold is donated to the Donna Louise Children’s Hospice Trust. 

We have also produced a T shirt of “The Fortress” that features the Brit with fortress turrets.

Fortress T shirt - two sided

Fortress T shirt - two sided

There is an option available to have the words of the poem printed on the back of the garment.

The full track listing is below:-

1                     One to Ten

2                     A Beautiful Friendship

3                     In The Blood

4                     Weapon

5                     Fortress

6                     One Single Man

7                     Wizard of the Dribble

8                     Futbo

9                     No Nouse

10                 Officially Labelled

His passion and belief shine through and are fantastically articulated. From the first line of One to Ten “How Do you feel now Stokie?” the grit grabs you and makes you want more. Dyer’s delivery is a familiar potteries tone, his dialect comes straight from the potbank especially in futba where the words like jaynes are used to describe trousers made from denim.

Treat yourself to something a little different, the short and sweet poems are mini masterpieces, from a man who bleeds red and white striped blood. You won’t be short of a little inspiration after you have listened to this.

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