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Summertime for Stokies – perfect shirts for perfect T shirt weather

May 29th, 2010 No comments

Summertime for Stokies – perfect shirts for perfect T shirt weather

With the World Cup, The Potters Holidays and Father’s day on the near horizon we have put together a couple of designs that any Stoke City & England supporter will be proud to wear.

First up we have:-


Made in Stoke - on - Trent Kiln England

Made in Stoke - on - Trent Design

All self respecting Stokies do the “tip it over and see where it’s made” action when handling pottery. Sir Stanley Matthews was renowned for this on his frequent travels abroad. With this design there’s no need for people to tip you over because they will know exactly where you were born.

So what better way to declare your roots on the beach (or for the World Cup) this summer than this simple, does-what-it says-on-the-tin design.

A distinctive “maker’s stamp” declaring where you’re from – almost down to street level. The St. George roundel in the background  and the unmistakable symbol of Stoke – the bottle kiln in the middle.

100% Potteries – like the best ceramics!

The shirts are displayed below and on this weblink

All are available at


Next up is:-

Stoke – on – Trent SCFC – ENGLAND


Stoke - on - Trent England SCFC St George Stoke City

Stoke - on - Trent England SCFC St George's Cross Design

Club or Country? The dilemma every proud football fan faces – what is more important – especially when selecting your attire for the game down the pub this summer. Or maybe the same issue when picking your holiday attire?

Take the indecision away from the situation with this specially created design with Summer and the World Cup on the horizon. A distinctive “maker’s stamp” design declaring where you’re from and who you support – club AND Country. The St. George roundel in the background  and the initials SCFC in the quarters.


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