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Kitson and his love of Spurs

With Stoke about to set to the field against Harry’s Spurs I recalled a connection about Super Dave Kitson being a Tottenham fan. I read an old piece from his Reading days about DK worshipping Spurs and Glen Hoddle.

This cutting from it shows his real empathy for football fans.
“Kitson makes no bones about his love for all things Spurs.
He said: “I make no secret of it and why should I? I think it is sad to be a footballer and not be a fan. It is almost a sin.
“There are players who just don’t see how football affects people and can’t remove themselves enough to see the impact they have. It is such a huge part of our culture.
“I am a fan and it matters to me whether Tottenham win. And it matters to my family. If Spurs lose, the week is a non-starter.”

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-505036/Kitson-aiming-rock-Spurs-idols.html#ixzz0iheJ1W9S

Also another interesting piece here
From Tavern to Tottenham via Sainsbury’s on the Dave Kitson road to stardom


He has scored previously against Tottenham, If he gets a start today let’s hope he can pull off the same trick in red and white stripes.
The Future's Kitson

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