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Are Collins & Whitehead (Collhead?) Stoke’s version of Jedward

November 17th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

The cult of Collins and Whitehead (CollHead?) continue to haunt the users of various Stoke messageboards such as The Oatcake, as much as John & Edward continue to be the bane of the x factor.
So – Are Collins and Whitehead our version of JEDWARD?
And is Tony Pulis the Potteries Simon Cowell?

He keeps them in (TP with CollHead and Cowell with Jedward), despite the many protests that are posted on the messageboards.

I asked the question back when we signed Dean Whitehead in the close season “would he become the new Steve Foley?”
I guess that he is!

From what the players were saying at the time, they love to have someone like him in the side as he gets a lot of “ugly work” done, e.g. closing down space, covers the midfield area well, etc. this is supposed to allow the more “creative” players time to deliver. Denis Smith said many positive things about whitehead when he was signed.

Who is right?

Public – it’s time to decide!!
Will [s]Jedward[/s] Collhead be evicted or stay on to the final!
(or do I watch too much reality TV :o)

What do you think?

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