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8 wins from 40 games, Waynes world, time for technology and true greatness

March 13th, 2013 No comments

After the Newcastle v Stoke match on Sunday, Tony Pulis stated  “Away from home we’ve played better this season than at any time in our five years in the Premier League”. Reflecting on the season so far it’s hard to see where that view comes from.  We have only won once on the road and the draws we have collected have been the result of stifling tactics as opposed to any great will to attack and win the game.  Sunday was particularly sickening.  Taking the lead on 67 minutes shouldn’t lead to a defeat.  Against a tired and lethargic Newcastle  we rarely threatened but snatched the lead through a Jon Walters penalty.  Given recent spot kick traumas it showed great character for Walters to step up and put us ahead.  We shot ourselves in the foot when Glen Whelan’s careless backpass needlessly put the defence under pressure.  In the ensuing chaos Whelan brought down Sissoko on the edge of the area… handing a free kick to our opponents.  Yohan Cabaye’s free kick was brilliant, inch perfect bouncing into the goal from the underside of the bar. From securing a precious lead we were back to square one immediately, a golden opportunity squandered, and nobody to blame but ourselves.  In the final stages of the game Tony Pulis appeared to settle for the draw when he replaced Cameron Jerome with Dean Whitehead.  The game was indeed fizzling out to a draw  until injury time when our central defence failed to play the offside trap properly, Marc Wilson failed to step out leaving Papiss Cisse with plenty of time to control the ball and gratefully volley home a winner.  Yet another dismal away day.  We hadn’t actually played too badly, we failed to trouble the hosts but having edged ahead should have gone on to win the game and to lose was calamitous.  Next up we face West Brom and it isn’t melodramatic to suggest it’s a must win game for us. There is a lot at stake. We have only won 8 league matches in the last 40.  Failing to win will only exacerbate the mutterings of discontent amongst supporters and it’d be a relief to go into the international break on the back of a victory.

The aftermath of Real Madrid’s Champions League victory over Man Utd continues to resonate.  Attention shifted from Nani’s controversial red card to Alex Ferguson’s decision to omit Wayne Rooney from the starting line up.  Amid the media coverage some have seen fit to re-write history with the assertion that Wayne Rooney has failed to fulfill his potential.  Lets examine the facts.  At the age of 27 Rooney has won four Premier league winners medals… with the fifth a formality.  He also has a Champions League winners medal and two runners up medals.  His England form can be hit and miss but he has scored 33 games in 79 appearances, he still has the potential to reach 100 caps.  With those achievements in mind some of the press appear to be blowing the situation out of all rational proportion.

For a long time many people felt that ex players should fill the game’s administrative roles.  The thinking was that a players  have devoted a huge part of their lives to football, therefore they will be more likely to care about it, protect it and ensure progressive ethical governance.  Since being elected president  of UEFA Michel Platini has proved this theory to be flawed.  He has decided to expand the European Championship from 16 to 24 teams, a move which will dilute the quality of what is often a tremendous competition.  As a result of this expansion, and with UEFA seemingly oblivious to the precarious state of the global economy, the 2020 tournament was short of bidders so will have to be shared across the continent.  Despite attempting to introduce financial fair play rules he contradicted himself by welcoming Qatar Sports Investments bankrolling Paris Saint Germain.  Coincidentally, Platini’s son Laurent is a lawyer employed by PSG.  On the global stage Platini voted for Qatar to host the 2022 World Cup, despite now demanding conditions that weren’t part of the bid during the election in 2010.  As a player Michel Platini embodied much of what makes the game great.  A skillful elegant player able to pass a ball onto the proverbial sixpence.  As an administrator he’s untrustworthy and self serving… just like the rest of them.

In the Scottish Premier League Hearts and Hibs drew the Edinburgh derby 0-0.  Hearts must be relieved with the draw given the astonishing stroke of luck they received.  Surely instances like this give further credence to the introduction of goal line technology.  Leigh Griffiths was denied a place in Hibs folklore.

Barcelona’s majestic dismantling of Milan will live long on the memory. A remarkable performance from a remarkable football team.  It was clear that to overturn the 0-2 deficit Barcelona really need an early goal.  Messi delivered the goal with stunning accuracy.  At the moment he struck the ball the Argentinian genius  was well and truly locked in the cage.  Four Milan players surrounded him yet, with a deft flick of the boot, he found the net with power and precision.  In the 38th minute M’Baye Niang rattled the post for Milan   but two minutes later Messi drew Barcelona level.  From that point on the result wasn’t really in doubt.  Barcelona’s passage to the quarter final seemed a formality and so it proved.  On reflection it’s hard to say that Milan actually did anything wrong.  They were simply outplayed and  overpowered by the greatest football team of the modern era that contains  the greatest footballer of the era.

Halfway to 40, impatient administrators, practice practice practice

December 4th, 2012 No comments

In his wisdom, ex British Prime Minister Harold Wilson once said that seven days was a long time in politics…. he should have tried being a Stoke City supporter!  Seven days on it all feels so much brighter. Three wins in a row and we are now over halfway to the magical 40 point mark.  In each game we showed characteristic tenacity to cling to the lead and secure priceless victories.  In the matches against Newcastle and WBA it was particularly encouraging to see substitutions proving the decisive factor.  Cameron Jerome’s injection of pace provided a variation to our play against Newcastle.  It was pleasing to see Dean Whitehead score the winner at The Hawthorns.  Whitehead is no longer an automatic starter for The Potters but to his credit he’s continued to apply himself with decency and professionalism.  Despite the current high it’d be foolish to pretend our performances have been flawless.  We still aren’t creative enough largely due to a lack of movement from the front players.  Also, when we are under pressure our defending too often resembles a series of lunges which give away free kicks and unnecessarily acquire a plethora of yellow cards.  Charlie Adam has to serve a suspension, we can ill afford to lose any selection options.  We are a physical team but that doesn’t have to equate to being a reckless one.  Overall though a fine weeks work for Stoke City.  If we apply the same level of endeavour and discipline we have every chance of securing a fourth straight victory at Villa Park.

Roberto Di Matteo isn’t the only manager entitled to feel aggrieved by a dismissal.  Valencia’s club president Manuel Llorente sacked Mauricio Pellegrini following a 2-5 home defeat to Real Sociedad.   It’s hard to see Llorente’s action as anything other than knee jerk.  While they are currently positioned 12th  in the league, Valencia are still handily placed for a run to grab a Champions League spot and reached this seasons last 16 with a game to spare.  How is any manager able to operate effectively when their superiors are trigger happy?  Infuriating though it can be, disappointing results are  part of football.  Presidents and owners should  consider that before becoming involved in the game.

Elsewhere in Spain, rumours persist that Jose Mourinho will leave The Bernabeu at the end of the season.   In appointing Mourinho Real Madrid chose a philosophical u turn.  They regard style and panache as important to the culture of their club as their illustrious historical trophy haul.  Mourinho’s brilliance is motivation and  his tactical manoeuvring.  His teams, as successful as they are, haven’t always played exhilarating thrilling football.  The pragmatism and attention to detail being the cornerstones of his glittering career.  On a personal level his move to Madrid was a professional masterstroke.  It’s known Real Madrid is a notorious  managerial graveyard.  When he does leave he’ll be able to do so with reputation intact and will still be able to pick up a job at a European powerhouse.  That special one isn’t stupid.

It is now 20 years since Eric Cantona joined Manchester United.  Few could deny that Cantona’s move to Old Trafford  was the pivotal point in Man Utd’s rise to dominance.  Carrying rare insight, he could see, and execute,  passes few others could.  For all that, the main factor wasn’t actually what happened on the pitch.  At the end of his first training session Cantona asked for two youth players to stay and help him practice.  He instructed the youth players to cross balls to him to help him practice volleys, which they did… each volley an improvement on the previous one.  The rest of the Manchester United staff were impressed by this.  The young players, who would have included players like Beckham Giggs Neville and Scholes, were so awestruck they copied the Frenchman and developed the habit of practice.  The example Cantona set was the hallmark of  transformation from potential to European Champions. That level of application and perseverance is a mark of truly great footballers. In his autobiography Roy Keane pointed out, with validity, that Cantona never actually turned a balanced European tie in Man Utd’s favour. It’s also true that they never won the European Cup with him.  His greatest legacy is the players saw with their own eyes what transforms possibility  to achievement…. practice, practice, and more practice.

Luiz Felipe Scolari will lead Brazil at the 2014 World Cup.  His re-appointment is understandable.  Having led the Selecao to victory at the 2002 World Cup the experience he carries will be essential.  It’s hard to imagine managing Brazil in 2014 being an enjoyable task.  The sheer scale of expectation and demand for style will reach an intensity comparable to any moment in football history.  In 18 months time Scolari’s predecessor Mano Menezes may feel releived he’s no longer in at the deep end.

Stoke City – Characteristic tenacity, a new boss and a worrying trend

August 27th, 2012 No comments

To use a football cliche, our draw with Arsenal brought the reward of a ‘hard earned point’.  We rarely looked likely to trouble the Arsenal goal, similarly, our opponents were stifled by our characteristic tenacity. There were several phases of the game during which our midfield  struggled to handle Arsenal’s movement but our back four were focused and played with discipline.  The one worrying aspect of our defensive play is how often we lunge into tackles.  At Reading Dean Whitehead saw red for two unnecessary challenges.  On Sunday Huth and Wilkinson steamed into tackles and, as well as receiving cautions, gave away free kicks in very dangerous territory.  Wilkinson stayed on his feet, had he slid in his may well have been a straight red.  As a team we are physical but that needn’t equate to recklessness.

Geoff Cameron made an encouraging start to his Stoke City career. He broke Arsenal’s midfield play up well and made simple passes to maintain possession.  Again it was Michael Kightly who looked our most potent attacking threat.  Kightly also threaded a defence unlocking ball  through for Jon Walters… a rare delight from a Stoke player!

So, two games gone and two points earned.  A solid if unspectacular start to our season.  Meanwhile Arsenal will be painfully aware that the season has barely begun and they are already seven points behind the leaders.

The next league game is at Wigan.  In all fairness it’s a game we should set out to win.   The away form must improve and Saturday will be a good way to send the message out that we are no longer a soft touch on our travels.  It’d be a relief if we have some new personnel in time for that game.

Last week Football Federation Australia appointed ex rugby league supremo David Gallop as their new CEO. Gallop is an established respected sports administrator having held the same role as head of the National Rugby League.  The move has been generally well received.  While it does seem to be a good appointment the whole spectre of administration of football in Australia continues to be draining.

On arrival here in 1996 I was looking forward to acquainting myself with the Australian game.  The main TV show which covered local football issues was an hour long magazine programme on a channel called SBS on Monday nights.  The first time I watched, most of the show was taken up with a radical discussion regarding an internal issue in the corridors of power.  Over 16 years later the ongoing internal wrangling in football’s corridors of power continue to cast a dark shadow over our game.   The game here won’t fulfill it’s rich potential until headlines are made by players instead of administrators.  I hasten to add that I, along with all football supporters, wish David Gallop every success in his new role.

It’s disturbing to see the pre season here in Australia  tarnished by crowd violence. In Australia some youngsters have a sickening infatuation with the whole culture of football related thuggery.  I overheard some talking excitedly about trouble at a game and asked them why they were so fascinated by people bashing each other peoples heads in…… they didn’t know.  As a teenager, many of my contemporaries regarded becoming involved in fighting almost as a natural progression…. as if it was a rite of passage.  I specifically remember, even as a nine year old, standing in Glebe Street watching Millwall and Stoke’s hooligans fighting and being confused that so many people felt the need to smash people’s faces in over what was, essentially, wanting a different team to win a game of football.  Violence at football has resulted in lives damaged, people even killed.  It has given police the excuse (but not justification) to treat supporters as second class citizens.  There is nothing positive about football violence.

Jose Mourinho’s Real Madrid have made a shaky start to the season.  A defeat and a draw are not what was expected at the Bernabeu.  While they were crowned champions last season, Mourinho was appointed to bring the European Cup to Madrid.  The semi final exit to Bayern Munich hangs in the air.  If form doesn’t improve quickly the managers position may be called into question.  What could save him could be the huge question of who could possibly replace him.  At Real Madrid  style and panache are as important to the culture of the club as their illustrious historical trophy haul.   In choosing Mourinho they  effectively made a U turn.  Mourinho’s brilliance is motivation and tactical manoeuvring.  His teams, as successful as they are, haven’t always played exhilarating thrilling football.  The pragmatism and attention to detail being the cornerstones of his glittering career.  Real Madrid is known to be a notorious  managerial graveyard.  If the internal politics become too much and he walks away he’ll be able to do so with reputation intact and will still be able to pick up a job at another  European powerhouse.  When he was appointed the Galactico was the manager.  He  was the one that couldn’t possibly fail….. and nobody is more aware of that than Mourinho himself.  That Jose isn’t stupid!


A bigot, a hindrance worth winning and talented indifference.

January 11th, 2011 No comments

Back in 1993, our legendary striker Mark Stein assaulted Stockport defender Jim Gannon.  There is no doubt that Stein did strike Gannon (albeit lightly) but what was overlooked by the media, is that Stein had reacted to what Judge Peter Northcote described as ‘extreme provocation’.  The aforementioned provocation manifested itself by the way of racial abuse.  The judge then seemed to dismiss this by telling Stein that this was ‘A burden you must bear’. In the modern age such language would rightly be deemed unacceptable, but it was hardly smiled upon then.  The fact is that Gannon’s bigotry was largely ignored by the press but his vile tirade is a matter of public record.  In court, Gannon’s lawyer said that, yes, his client had abused Stein verbally, calling him “a short, ugly, black, bean-headed tvvat”, but argued that that was the language of the football park…. the same lame justification Jimmy Hill used when defending Ron Atkinson’s racist comments about Marcel Desailly.  Despite this, he stands in a strong position to be appointed manager of Port Vale.  Are the board at Port Vale aware of the incident?  Are they aware of how inflammatory it would be to employ someone who has a record of racially abusing a player based in the same city?               

The festive period was generally healthy for Stoke City.  Following the efficient victory at Blackburn with a defeat at home to Fulham was infuriating of course, but much of that was nullified by the win over Everton.  Despite phases of the Everton game being played in our half, we stifled them and they created very little, especially in the second half.  The ref, for some reason, didn’t award Everton the penalty they should have had in the first minute, and we capitalised on our good fortune.  It’s particularly pleasing that Jonesy opened the scoring.  Against Fulham he was off the pace so to respond in such style was a much needed boost for us all.  Our second goal ended the match as a  contest and all that was left was to play the game out in uneventful safety.  It was also encouraging that against Man United we made them sweat for the result a little bit more.   Admittedly only a little bit, but after the previous visits it’s a huge improvement!  It was fantastic to spend a few minutes in dreamland after super goal machine Whitehead’s equaliser.  It didn’t last longer than a few minutes admittedly, but seeing their anxiety increase in the final minutes showed that we hadn’t rolled over and had put in a strong showing.   On reflection, the best thing about the fixture away to Man United  being over is that we know we don’t have to go there again this season! 
It was a return to the pre Premier league days to be listening to the Cardiff game on the internet instead of watching on television……  hearing the familiar tones of Nigel Johnson were like visiting a dear old friend.  It sounded as if it would have been a decent game for the neutral, but we aren’t neutral!  Our inability to get a winner means we face a replay next week.  If anything symbolises the FA Cup’s waning magic it’s that both Tony Pulis and Dave Jones admitted the extra game will be a hindrance we could both do without.  But nevertheless, it’s a hindrance worth winning, if we were to totally disregard the FA Cup it would be an arrogant mistake.

Despite going behind early Liverpool were the better side in the first half of their tie with Man Utd, until Steve Gerrard undid all his teams good work with that stupid violent attack.  Despite Dalglish’s protestations that vicious assault got the red card it deserved… and with it went Liverpool’s FA cup hopes for 2011.  Whatever is wrong with Torres?  He has the demeanour of a man who would prefer to be elsewhere, maybe Liverpool should grant him his wish and re-invest the proceeds from his sale into rebuilding the team.  There is a precedent.  Groundhog Day could occur, in 1987  Dalglish used the money from the sale of Ian Rush to Juventus to buy Beardsley and Barnes and revamp the team and their playing style, he could do worse than repeat that policy.  Nobody can deny Torres’ immense talent but if his recent performances reflect his attitude, they would be better cashing in and acquiring the services of a striker whose interest level rises above indifferent. 

The Arsenal v Leeds tie was a crash bang wallop of a tie.  8,500 Leeds fans travelled to London to watch a game being shown on TV.  That’s impressive.  Despite the amusement felt at the  2004 and 2007  relegations, their return to the Premier league seems to be a matter of when not if, but with support like that it may not be too far away.

In Qatar the start of the Asian cup has generated unparalleled levels of indifference.  Seeing an international tournament played out to empty stadiums hardly gives FIFA’s choice for 2022 any more credibility.  Australia started with a comprehensive 4-0 victory over India.  The most enthralling point of the tournament so far is that India have a player with the second best ever name for a footballer…. Climax Lawrence!!

Love Hate and Great

January 21st, 2010 No comments
Welcome to our third newsletter/ product update. We have been busy working on a new category called Love Stoke Hate …… that has 7 new designs. We also have 4 new designs based on players (The Great in our title) we haven’t covered yet. One of these is a legend on an international scale – the first true “international football superstar.”  There are also 3 designs that haven’t yet featured in a newsletter but have been available for a while plus another anti Vale for good measure. Have a read of our other news at the foot of the page too!    

“It’s A Thin Line Between Love and Hate”
It was Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders who wrote the above line, but why pretend? I totally disagree. I believe it’s a very  thick line, a line as wide as the River Trent itself. We all Love to Hate a team and we have covered more than a handful of  “the despised” in this newsletter. The “Love and Peace, Goodwill to all men” message of Christmas is over and done with for  another year, let’s get back to full on hate! It’s part of our passion that makes the Bearpit Great.  Why do we hate teams? The reasons are wide and varied. With Stoke & Vale both back where they belong does the hatred whither?  I don’t think so. Man U, does anyone really need an explanation why we hate them?  The other three major gloryhunter attractors are also given their own design along with a collective  “LOVE STOKE – HATE GLORYHUNTERS” design.  Wear these shirts with pride to show your Love of Stoke and the club you despise! One for the South Staffordshire Stokies completes the set with the Dingles having a design that includes two silver bullets!  

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 Our new designs – click the picture to take you into the store.


Love, Hate and Great

 Love Stoke Hate ………..

Love Stoke Hate Gloryhunters


We Support Our Local Team.

A lineup of the Gloryhunters dream Nightmare!

Love Stoke Hate Arsenal


Why? Try a few of these reasons:-

Whinging Wenger, FA Cup Semi Finals, IceCream Seller, Highbury Library, Diving Eduardo, Alleged Bungs, Gloryhunting supporters. 

The Gunner’s Cannon has brewers droop!


Love Stoke Hate Chelski


 Why? Try a few of these reasons:-

AbromaRICH trying to buy success, Cash no Class, FatFrank, Diving Drogba, Alleged Illegal approaches, Gloryhunting supporters.         


Love Stoke Hate Liverpool


Why? Try a few of these reasons:-

Fat Spanish Waiter, 8 Nil, Gerrard punches like a girl, Missing Wheels, Diving Forwards, Gerrard Justice?, Gloryhunting supporters.

The Liver Bird crys again!

Love Stoke Hate Man U



No Explanation Required!!

The Red Devil Forks Himself!



Love Stoke Hate Vale


Why? Try a few of these reasons:-

Vagrants, The Un Washed, Foyle, Porter, Grew, Walker, Billy Bellend, Charlie Machin’s European Dream (drug test please!), Puddles at The Wembley of the North, Illegal Market, The dog had it’s day and we never heard the last of it!

The True Vale badge snaps and displays it’s true values.

Love Stoke Hate Wolves


Why? Try a few of these reasons:-

The Fat Controller mad Jezzer, Yam Yam Yam Yam, Orange n black, Dingles.

The Wolf is finished with a couple of silver bullets!





If I was to the you that T stands for The and V stands for Vale, can you guess what the F stands for?

Answers followed by the word off, on a postcard please to Port Vale FC, Hamil Road, Burslem, Stoke – on – Trent.


Wilkinson Stoke


Ooh Andy Andy, Andy Andy Andy Andy Wilkinson.

The most improved player since Stoke have been in the Premier League.

A few forwards have felt his sharpness recently so how better to celebrate his brilliance than a pack of blades bearing his name.



Tommy Sørensen


Thomas Løvendahl Sørensen born on the12th. of June 1976 in Fredericia, Denmark, better known to us Stokies as Ooohh, Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, Tommy Sorensen.

His fantastic record of penalty saves for Stoke City this season as seen him become a real fans favourite and his presence between the sticks has made us one of the meanest defensive sides in the Premier League. 

The design we have used also recognises his success on an international level, where he will be defending the Danish goalmouth during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. He has moved on from being Peter Schmeichel’s understudy to owning the position outright.




Dean Whitehead – apparently the “dury’s jury’s still out” but we appreciate what Dean brings to the team and honour him with a design based on another “marmite” character, Ian Dury (well his Blockheads any way!).

When we signed Dean I wrote that he could become another Steve Foley, a player that player’s love because he puts in the hard yards and lets them get on with their game, Foley was that type of player in Lou Macari’s successful Stoke City team, loved by the players but not cherished by the supporters.

I’m sure Dean will deliver and is constantly improving as the season progresses. So Jury, do you want to “hit him with your rhythm stick” or is he a “Reason to be Cheerful?”

God is 7 Sir Stanley Matthews





Never could this be a truer statement than when referring to the very first player to make a shirt number his own. The No. 7 worn on his back wasn’t required to identify Sir Stanley Matthews, he let his skill do the talking.

We* have condensed Mr. Black’s lyrics down to the statement to

“If Man is 5, then the devil is 6, then GOD is 7” and added the image of the world’s finest football statue.

The word God is used to frequently in the modern game but Sir Stan was a true footballing god. He was years before those pretenders to the throne, George Best, Kevin Keegan, Kenny Dalglish, Eric Cantona or Cristiano Ronaldo.

Who else could have a FA Cup Final named after him despite the same team’s centre forward (Stan Mortensen) getting a hat trick.

N.B. will make a donation of £1 for every shirt sold to the Sir Stanley Matthews Foundation. for more information about the foundation. 

*credit to Bunny and Mills!        

Matty Ezer Good

There’s a guy in the placeHe’s got a bittersweet face And he goes by the name of Matty Ezer Good  His friends call him Ezer and he is the main geezer   And he’ll vibe about the place    Like no other man could    He’s refined, sublime, he makes you feel fine     Though very much maligned and misunderstood     But if you know Ezer, he’s a real crowd pleaser     He’s ever so good, he’s Matty ezer Good            

Britannia Amplification

A representation of you – one of our great supporters.

Have a look at the controls on the amp.

Power 1 0

Roar On or Off

Tone – Quiet or Rowdy

One Volume control for each stand plus a master control.

Boothen, Seddon, J Smiths and South. n.b. The selection isn’t the traditional 1 to 10 but one more than the spinal tap 11 at 12th. Man.

The Inputs are Pride, Passion, History and Beer!

Classic amplifiers also carry an individual number tag, this one has the number 1863

Never Surrender

This could be the theme tune of Stoke City

Dave Grohl et al of the Foo Fighters could have written this about the Stoke City Mentality – this applies to both the team and us supporters. To quote Grohl’s former band Nirvana “Smells like Teen Spirit”

The lyrics include the lines

“What if I say I’m not like the others”

“What if I say that I Will Never Surrender”

Our inspiration for this design was this video at the end of the season awards.

It is a play on the Foo Fighters logo and the words “What If I Say I Will Never Surrender”


Stoke – on – Trent


The finest city coat of arms ever to be designed.  
The motto – “Vis unita fortior” and it’s Translation – “United Strength is Stronger” are both included on the shirt.
A representation of the six towns all bought together in 1925 to form The City of Stoke – on – Trent, although this crest was recognised on the 20th. March 1912 where the six towns united into a single County Borough.   

So what else have we been upto?       

Books now available on – link here Stoketshirts Book Store       

     Stoke Books from  

We have a number of great Stoke City books available now on the website including Stephen Foster’s “…and she laughed no more”, Steve Mifflin’s “Exile in The Promised Land” Dave Lee’s “More! You Could’ner Make It Up!”. We will also be listing Simon Lowe’s Match of My Life and the newly released Stoke’s Greatest Games as well as the best autobiography that I have read – Denis Smith’s “Just One of Seven.”       


Golddiscs – If you are looking for that very special, personalised gift for a birthday, anniversary, an award or another celebration then our range of 6 “gold discs” are ideal. The Personalisation can carry any message you like, making them truly unique. See more detail here :- Personalised Gold Discs        

We have sponsored Abdoulaye Faye’s away kit this season – read the story of our day out at the Brit to meet the great man himself here – Abdy and Santa We also produced some Abdoulaye Faye masks that were modelled by a group of Stokies on Sky Sports 1 Saturday Morning Football Show – Soccer AM.       

We were part of an exhibition that featured on BBC Midlands Today – See the Clip here (Midlands Today & Artbay) that features our great artist Potter 63 aka Darren Smallwood, Ian Dyer aka The Boothen End Bard and the Stoke City Legend Alan Hudson. Our shirts have the compliment of being called “Designer T Shirts” paid by the presenter Dan Pallett in his commentary.        

We have also sponsored a great organisation called the Youth Regeneration Initiative that is looking to get established – see story here – YRI & Stoketshirts       

We have also formed close links with the following Stoke City Supporter websites and the Stokecityetc podcast.  Click the name to visit their websites The Oatcake    Stokecityetc Podcast    Pottersnet     Sentinel’s Why Delilah   Rip Roaring Potters  rock n roll Oatcake       

What’s next?

We have still to confirm which design we will be using to make our next limited edition mug.       

For those of you that attended the Artbay exhibition you may have seen our wallet and passport holder samples. These will be available in the coming months as well as some new ideas re. clothing and accessories.       

We are also in the process of setting up a new business which we aim to be a “one stop shop for all printing requirements”. Whether it be Clothing including T shirts, Polo Shirts, Stag & Hen Wear, Workwear or Stationery and Promotional Merchandise. We also have facilities to produce and fit Vehicle Graphics and Signage including Banners, Shop, Exhibition, Information and Safety Signage.       

All with the excellent customer service we provide for       

If you are interested in any of the above and would like a competitive quotation, then email and we will get back to you.       

Our mailing address is:, P.O. Box 1863, Stoke – on – Trent, Staffordshire, ST4 9GZ   

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