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Slash – Proud of his Stoke roots poses in an I Love Oatcakes shirt

September 28th, 2012 No comments

When we started I never thought I’d see one of the biggest rock stars in the world wearing one of the shirts that I made. I’m very pleased to say I was wrong.
Here’s Slash – aka Saul Hudson – not only wearing a shirt that I made put actually proudly taking a picture of himself wearing it.

Slash – shirts so good I take pics of myself in them

Now for those of you that don’t know, Slash was bought up in Blurton, Stoke – on – Trent.

His most recent dvd was called Made In Stoke.
It just goes to show, you can take the lad out of Stoke, but you can never take Stoke out of the lad.

Just in case you were wondering where you can look like this ex Guns N Roses sweet child of mine – then pop over to our website where we stock all the official Oatcake Day Merchandise

We’ll shortly be adding the book “An Oatcake is For Life, Not Just for Breakfast” to the site.

Stoke City v Swindon Town – Reasons to be Cheerful or Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now

August 30th, 2012 No comments

It took a while to actually get around to this one as I hate losing especially against lower league opposition and it is a massive de motivator. Anyway here we go!

Reasons To Be Cheerful

Team selection – initially I thought TP had picked a strong side, a lot stronger than I initially thought it would be. Surely it would be a formality with the line up selected! How wrong could I have been

“Who Ya Gonna Call?” – Sun on the way to the Brit vs Swindon Town

The Weather – Watching footie at the Brit in my shirtsleeves at nearly 10pm, there won’t be many more days like that this season.

Talking of 10 – We only need 10 men – Well that was I note I made when Crouch equalised in extra time!

A decent away following – Swindon Town

A decent away following from Swindon.

Di Canio – great passion and desire, good moves, be great on Strictly Come Dancing!

Before they scored there was some nice one touch exchanges between Whitehead and Jones which resulted in a sweet volley but it was straight at the keeper.
Another couple of examples of easy on the eye football was when Jones should have done better with a Pennant cross a minute later. Also later in the game when Geoff Cameron decided to take the game to Swindon and carried the ball forward.

The Official Team Sheet Stoke City vs Swindon Town

Half Time seemed a bit surreal and it inspired me to tweet, “Dare I suggest that this is what u get when we rest super Johnnie Walters 🙂 woeful performance NO Desire.” At least he spiced it up a little when he came on with his endless chasing down.

Cameron was decent in patches.

A few players were found wanting and should become surplus to requirements – Sorensen, Shotton & Upson can be counted in that number. Get ’em moved on Tone!

Strange observation was that six of the seven goals were at the Boothen End!

Good physio work on the left back in extra time

Now I should be able to fill a page. Heavens Knows I’m Miserable Now

Sorensen looks off the boil, a poor kick and droppping the ball to gift the goal. He’s a good shot stopper as he proved to save Shotton’s blushes and again later in the game but I’d prefer a keeper that is a steady eddie and is consistent everywhere.

Misplaced passes
Again – where do I start? Shotton, Huth, Whitehead were just a few of the players that were guilty. We were made to look the league one side when Swindon showed how it should be done. Someone said he didn’t think Di Canio would pick some of our players in his side as they haven’t got the basic skill set he demands, I reckon he’s not far wrong.

Not wanting it
No desire in the side, It looked like Swindon had been in our dressing room and stolen all the bottles labelled “PASSION, DESIRE, COMMITMENT”  They played with our passion and got a deserved result.

Sorro’s handling – The back four don’t seem as confident around him as they do Begovic.

Shotton defending the diagonal long ball. Sorensen redeemed it, then we concede a real cheap goal from the resulting corner.

Empty Seddon Stand

The atmosphere – AWFUL! Leave the Seddon open even if the crowd is a sparce one or price the tickets to fill the place!

A fiver a seat wouldn’t have gone amiss!

The Result

Jamie Ness debut – injury stricken midfielder gets an injury shock!

Team Line Ups

Stoke City
29 Sorensen
02 Cameron
04 Huth
12 Wilson
20 Upson
30 Shotton (Ness – 77′ )
07 Pennant
18 Whitehead
21 Kightly
09 Jones (Crouch – 77′ )
33 Jerome (Walters – 77′ )

27 Nash
17 Shawcross
28 Wilkinson
14 Ness
24 Delap
19 Walters
25 Crouch

Swindon Town
01 Foderingham
03 McEveley (Thompson – 98′ )
04 Flint
05 Devera
06 Navarro
10 Ritchie
12 McCormack Booked
18 Miller
09 Collins
16 Williams
23 De Vita (Ferry – 73′ )
30 Bedwell
15 Thompson
32 Smith
07 Rooney
08 Ferry
13 Risser
20 Storey


It was a game of two halves and a bit more!
First half we were woeful, second half we improved, the bit more was more of the same with Swindon deservedly getting through to the next round.

Stoke City v Arsenal – Reasons to be Cheerful or Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now

August 26th, 2012 No comments

Stoke City v Arsenal 26 August 2012 New Badge Hoarding

Intentons are that just a few of my thoughts from every game I attend this season will be published as a blog.
These will take the form of positive and negative thoughts and observations, Reasons to be cheerful, Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now.

Not sure how long I’ll keep it up for but as The Ramones once said Hey Ho, Let’s Go!

Reasons To Be Cheerful

KIGHTLY very comfortable on the ball, could be the start of a fresh Pulis approach for potters football. It was great to see the ball bought down and possession retained during the midfield melees.

CAMERON again comfortable with the ball, seemed unusual for Pulis to trust a newbie in such an important game but his presence paid off. Some nice touches, not 100% certain that he was the best player on the pitch but can’t think of many more players that could have took the man of the match award.

To be honest, most premier league teams would love the ability to have Aaron Ramsey, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Theo Walcott being impact substitutions. Wenger launched all three and they were about effective as an ashtray on a motorbike.


Was Begovic playing the ball short to the back four real progression or just a tactic to draw Arsenal out from their own half while we lumped it forward? It seemed awkward at times and we nearly got caught short when there was an awkward short back pass. The jury is out on this currently!


The heat of the sun on the walk on home will be all but a distant memory in a couple of months. It’s a rare occasion when the sun shines on Ice Station Britannia so let’s hold the memory of that warmth for now.

Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now
I would have involved Delap and the monster longthrow at some point. Okay I accept that he’s seen better days and is a squad player now but that the Longthrow has always been Arsenal’s weakness at the Brit and we never really had a quality low trajectory throw that tested their dodgy defence out.

Arsene wearing an invisible straight jacket. We love his histrionics as he bounces up the touchline trying to take off, flapping his duvet, but today he held back and seemed to have his hands tied back as if he’d been Christian Grey’s latest conquest (a reference for the ladies! 50 shades of grey)


I know it was a reason to be cheerful or is it? We had a year known as the binary season – Most games ended 1-0, 0-0, 0r 0-1. Is this season a return to that style? Not the most entertaining but at least the consistency meant you could make a few quid at the bookies!

Rumour Mill
Asmir off to Chelsea with Daniel Sturridge being loaned to Stoke.

Song of the Day
“Robin Van Persie – He Would Have Scored That”

Most Mentioned non Stoke City Player

Michael Owen who sat on the Goals on Sunday Settee

Michael Owen Joins Goals On Sunday

Michael Owen Joins Goals On Sunday

Line ups
Stoke City:

Begovic, Wilkinson, Huth, Shawcross, Wilson, Pennant, Cameron, Whelan, Kightly, Walters, Crouch.

Subs: Sorensen, Palacios, Jones, Upson, Delap, Shotton, Jerome.


Mannone, Jenkinson, Vermaelen, Mertesacker, Gibbs, Podolski, Diaby, Arteta, Cazorla, Gervinho, Giroud.

Subs: Martinez, Santos, Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ramsey, Djourou, Coquelin


Enjoy a few snaps from the day below


Stoke City v Arsenal 26 August 2012 The Stewards have delivered Arsene’s Flak Jacket

Car Park, Bike and Arsene Wenger Mask


Stoke City v Arsenal 26 August 2012 Programme Back


Stoke City v Arsenal 26 August 2012 Pitch view pre match



A Midsummer Night’s Dream

June 5th, 2010 No comments

In 1982 three British teams qualified. For Scotland at this time qualifying was the norm. England reaching it was a relief after two failed attempts. The real eyebrow raiser was the involvement of the charming Billy Bingham, and his Northern Ireland team.

Little was expected of Northern Ireland. The resilience shown in the 0-0 draw with Yugoslavia was tempered by throwing a precious lead away to draw 1-1 with Honduras. To progress victory against Honduras was deemed essential as the final game was against hosts Spain. Nobody could have expected their game against Spain to conjure one of the most dramatic gripping games in the history of the competition.

Watching the grace of Xavi Iniesta and Torres gliding around the stadiums of Europe can be misleading. Spain weren’t always so graceful. In fact in 1982 their team was downright nasty. A horrible combination of diving and off the ball hacks accompanied by laboured unproductive play. An uneventful first half finished goalless then in the 47th minute the unthinkable happened. Billy Hamilton crossed for NI, the hapless Arconada parried weakly and Gerry Armstrong gratefully drove into the empty net. Amazingly Norn iron were leading.

Their problem was scoring 2 minutes into the half meant having to hold on for 43!!  Spains attacking gained momentuim. The unfortunately named Ufarte had two shots stopped by Jennings. In the 62nd minute NI had Mal Dongahy sent off for an innocuous shove on Camacho. Hanging on for 30 minutes with 10 men? Surely it can’t be done!!

Wave upon wave of attacks beseiged the Norn Ireland penalty area. The desperation of the defending was balanced by the calm cool calculated keeping of Pat Jennings. Jennings delivered a performance that epitomised grace under pressure, collecting cross after cross and blocking shot after shot. Outside there was a huge thunderstorm and the norm back then would be to turn electrical appliances off BUT there was now way we were turning this off!

Eventually the final whistle blew and NI had completed their incredible achievement. An example of players becoming more than the sum of their parts. NI v Spain 1982 was one of the truly great World Cup stories.

06 Days 18 Hours 54 Minutes to go – Countdown

June 4th, 2010 No comments

The 2010 World Cup in less than a week away.   In South Africa the cast is assembling for the greatest show on earth.  For football supporters here in Australia it means a month of late nights early mornings and self inflicted fatigue.    

I have lived in Australia for just over fourteen years.  The first timezone tournament was Euro 96.  Gazza’s goal against Scotland was a particularly memorable middle of the night mental!!     One benefit is that there are fewer distractions in the middle of the night.   Less chance of a phone call or a knock at the door.    My family and I were visiting the UK during  Euro 2008 and it felt odd to be watching an international tournament while it was  light outside.    Most football supporters here  have adapted to the nocturnal aspect of our passion BUT it is still strange to leave the house at 2am to go to the pub and watch a match!   Being English, and therefore an England supporter, the subject of how to celebrate a World Cup win when the final finishes at 7am isn’t a problem unfortunately.  A more relevant poser is how to get through the day when we’ve just endured our usual penalty shootout pain.  But we’ll keep hoping and dreaming.  And hoping and dreaming…..

One of the many marvellous aspects of our game is the global unity it generates.  So next Friday when South Africa play Mexico think of us watching at midnight.  And we’ll think of those watching over breakfast in San Salvador!!!

Summertime for Stokies – perfect shirts for perfect T shirt weather

May 29th, 2010 No comments

Summertime for Stokies – perfect shirts for perfect T shirt weather

With the World Cup, The Potters Holidays and Father’s day on the near horizon we have put together a couple of designs that any Stoke City & England supporter will be proud to wear.

First up we have:-


Made in Stoke - on - Trent Kiln England

Made in Stoke - on - Trent Design

All self respecting Stokies do the “tip it over and see where it’s made” action when handling pottery. Sir Stanley Matthews was renowned for this on his frequent travels abroad. With this design there’s no need for people to tip you over because they will know exactly where you were born.

So what better way to declare your roots on the beach (or for the World Cup) this summer than this simple, does-what-it says-on-the-tin design.

A distinctive “maker’s stamp” declaring where you’re from – almost down to street level. The St. George roundel in the background  and the unmistakable symbol of Stoke – the bottle kiln in the middle.

100% Potteries – like the best ceramics!

The shirts are displayed below and on this weblink

All are available at


Next up is:-

Stoke – on – Trent SCFC – ENGLAND


Stoke - on - Trent England SCFC St George Stoke City

Stoke - on - Trent England SCFC St George's Cross Design

Club or Country? The dilemma every proud football fan faces – what is more important – especially when selecting your attire for the game down the pub this summer. Or maybe the same issue when picking your holiday attire?

Take the indecision away from the situation with this specially created design with Summer and the World Cup on the horizon. A distinctive “maker’s stamp” design declaring where you’re from and who you support – club AND Country. The St. George roundel in the background  and the initials SCFC in the quarters.


Leave your comments with your thoughts.

Art and The Real Banksy – Is this him unmasked?

May 12th, 2010 No comments


The Artbay in Fenton is holding a “Spirit of ’66” exhibition which runs from May 22nd. to May 29th.
The exhibition is to celebrate the incredible feeling of togetherness, which comes along for every major football tournament.

Gordon Banks will be creating a piece of Art very shortly at the Artbay and this piece will be auctioned for his Safe Hands charity fund which, over the last 10 years, has raised more than ÂŁ150,000 for sick children at the University Hospital of North Staffordshire.

He will also be involved in judging and presenting the winners of a children’s art competition that is being organised to coincide with exhibition.

Under-16s are being asked to produce a piece of artwork reflecting the feeling of camaraderie, charity and goodwill surrounding international sporting tournaments.

A shortlist of 10 entries will be framed and put on display in the gallery and all the young artists will be invited to meet Gordon at the gallery on Friday, May 28.

Closing date for the exhibition is Friday May 21st.

A panel of judges including local artists and Gordon will then choose a winner who will receive a prize of a perspex/acrylic print of their work worth ÂŁ300.

More info here….il/article.html
and here

All submitted pieces will be available to view throughout the week-long exhibition in binders.

10 winners will have their pieces framed and shown alongside the other exhibitors’ works and will be invited, with a guest, to the gallery on Friday 28th May to meet Gordon Banks and receive their prize. One, overall winner will be announced on the night and will receive the top prize of a perspex print of their artwork signed by Gordon.

Requirements. Artist must be aged 16 or under. The size of the submitted work must be A3. There are no restrictions on media. Entries will be judged on the degree to which the artist has captured “The Spirit of ’66” in his/her piece and the artistic quality of his/her piece, commensurate with age. All pieces must be received by the gallery no later than Friday 21st of May. The judging panel’s decisions are final.

This got me thinking (which as you may know is dangerous). Gordon Banks football career finished in the mid 70’s. During the next few years did Gordon study art?

The prominence of an artist, who has managed to rise to fame while keeping his identity hidden is goes under the name of Banksy!!


Our depiction of Gordon is shown below and this was proudly modelled by the great man himself.


The belief is that when Banksy’s football career ended, he went off to study art and witnessed Crass play Tunstall Town Hall in April 1982 and started to create artwork for the collective.  This preceded his rise to fame with various artworks around the Bristol area.

Banksy - Flower Thrower

Fantastic Sir Stan tribute made up of Supporters

April 11th, 2010 No comments
Just drove past the Brit. up the A500 and noticed that a new feature has been added to the ground.

It’s the mural, made up of lots of pictures of Stoke Fans, to form an image of Sir Stanley Matthews. The project is the result of “proud to be a potter”  see link here

A story promoting the idea from the official website is here,,10310~1945264,00.html

Two pictures from the website that I picked up on are  below

The "Nick Hancock"

Not Nick Hancock

I must say it’s very impressive and can be seen from quite a distance away. It definitely adds to the ground.

It’s the first of two, I guess the other will go on the the twin column near the club shop.

Our own tribute to the Wizard of the Dribble is our “God is 7” T shirt.

Sir Stanley Matthews God is 7
God is 7

 For every shirt sold we make a donation to the great cause The Sir Stanley Matthews Foundation

Get Leathered at Easter

March 29th, 2010 No comments

Get Leathered at Easter

Spring has sprung (just about) and it’s the time of year for chocolate eggs and hot cross buns (and possibly quite reflection on matters spiritual). Or not. Anyway, why should the kids get all the fun? We at are very pleased to announce that we’re moving into leather goods.

No! stop thinking about those sort of leather goods! Ours are far more useful. Why not treat a loved one or just treat yourself to either a new wallet or a passport holder – the summer holidays are just around the corner.

We have produced a wallet, made from a distinctive “distressed” look leather which are block embossed with our ever popular “SC/FC – Let There Be Stoke” design.

SCFC Let there be Stoke Wallet

They’re really practical as well – with enough pockets to hold at least eight bank or credit cards and have a double mesh screen flap designed to hold personal ID like a Driving License, Student Union or Oyster travel card. So next time you’re at the bar, whip out the readies from this unique piece of leather you’ll be proud to show off.

Our Passport holders are ideal for Stokies thinking about their summer holidays or who travel with work and want to declare their pride in being a Potter as well as their British-ness.

Stoke - on - Trent passport holder

Finished in soft red leather they proudly display the City of Stoke-on-Trent crest and the English translation of the City motto “United Strength is Stronger”. Just like the wallets they’re practical as well as stylish – they have a number of pockets to hold cash or travel documents and a clear window to display the owner’s passport when showing it to demanding officials.

Stoke - on - Trent passport holder inside

Both the wallets and passport holders are sourced locally in Staffordshire from a supplier that has high street retailer Next as one of it’s customers. The level of quality in the products is excellent and even better – prices for both items include post and packing. Wallets are ÂŁ14.99 Passport Holders ÂŁ12.99.

For a link to buy the wallet click here – WALLET
For a link to buy the passport holder click here – PASSPORT HOLDER

We have also made them available locally – The highly regarded, award winning, gift store The Pepper Kiln 19, The Strand, Longton is owned by fellow Stokies Ian and Jill. If you are calling in then don’t forget take a treat for their Stoke supporting Staffy Bull, Monty.

Hell Bent for Leather

Kitson and his love of Spurs

March 20th, 2010 No comments

With Stoke about to set to the field against Harry’s Spurs I recalled a connection about Super Dave Kitson being a Tottenham fan. I read an old piece from his Reading days about DK worshipping Spurs and Glen Hoddle.

This cutting from it shows his real empathy for football fans.
“Kitson makes no bones about his love for all things Spurs.
He said: “I make no secret of it and why should I? I think it is sad to be a footballer and not be a fan. It is almost a sin.
“There are players who just don’t see how football affects people and can’t remove themselves enough to see the impact they have. It is such a huge part of our culture.
“I am a fan and it matters to me whether Tottenham win. And it matters to my family. If Spurs lose, the week is a non-starter.”

Read more:

Also another interesting piece here
From Tavern to Tottenham via Sainsbury’s on the Dave Kitson road to stardom

He has scored previously against Tottenham, If he gets a start today let’s hope he can pull off the same trick in red and white stripes.
The Future's Kitson