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Tony Pulis reflects on Port Vale’s last few seasons

June 7th, 2012 No comments

As Tony Pulis carried the olympic torch through the City Centre Hanley, Stoke – on – Trent on it’s way towards Cobridge, Burslem and Middleport a photographer captures an apt picture. I wonder if it’s a reflection on Port Vale’s last few seasons?

To Our Valiant Dead

Summertime for Stokies – perfect shirts for perfect T shirt weather

May 29th, 2010 No comments

Summertime for Stokies – perfect shirts for perfect T shirt weather

With the World Cup, The Potters Holidays and Father’s day on the near horizon we have put together a couple of designs that any Stoke City & England supporter will be proud to wear.

First up we have:-


Made in Stoke - on - Trent Kiln England

Made in Stoke - on - Trent Design

All self respecting Stokies do the “tip it over and see where it’s made” action when handling pottery. Sir Stanley Matthews was renowned for this on his frequent travels abroad. With this design there’s no need for people to tip you over because they will know exactly where you were born.

So what better way to declare your roots on the beach (or for the World Cup) this summer than this simple, does-what-it says-on-the-tin design.

A distinctive “maker’s stamp” declaring where you’re from – almost down to street level. The St. George roundel in the background  and the unmistakable symbol of Stoke – the bottle kiln in the middle.

100% Potteries – like the best ceramics!

The shirts are displayed below and on this weblink

All are available at


Next up is:-

Stoke – on – Trent SCFC – ENGLAND


Stoke - on - Trent England SCFC St George Stoke City

Stoke - on - Trent England SCFC St George's Cross Design

Club or Country? The dilemma every proud football fan faces – what is more important – especially when selecting your attire for the game down the pub this summer. Or maybe the same issue when picking your holiday attire?

Take the indecision away from the situation with this specially created design with Summer and the World Cup on the horizon. A distinctive “maker’s stamp” design declaring where you’re from and who you support – club AND Country. The St. George roundel in the background  and the initials SCFC in the quarters.


Leave your comments with your thoughts.

Love Hate and Great

January 21st, 2010 No comments
Welcome to our third newsletter/ product update. We have been busy working on a new category called Love Stoke Hate …… that has 7 new designs. We also have 4 new designs based on players (The Great in our title) we haven’t covered yet. One of these is a legend on an international scale – the first true “international football superstar.”  There are also 3 designs that haven’t yet featured in a newsletter but have been available for a while plus another anti Vale for good measure. Have a read of our other news at the foot of the page too!    

“It’s A Thin Line Between Love and Hate”
It was Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders who wrote the above line, but why pretend? I totally disagree. I believe it’s a very  thick line, a line as wide as the River Trent itself. We all Love to Hate a team and we have covered more than a handful of  “the despised” in this newsletter. The “Love and Peace, Goodwill to all men” message of Christmas is over and done with for  another year, let’s get back to full on hate! It’s part of our passion that makes the Bearpit Great.  Why do we hate teams? The reasons are wide and varied. With Stoke & Vale both back where they belong does the hatred whither?  I don’t think so. Man U, does anyone really need an explanation why we hate them?  The other three major gloryhunter attractors are also given their own design along with a collective  “LOVE STOKE – HATE GLORYHUNTERS” design.  Wear these shirts with pride to show your Love of Stoke and the club you despise! One for the South Staffordshire Stokies completes the set with the Dingles having a design that includes two silver bullets!  

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 Our new designs – click the picture to take you into the store.


Love, Hate and Great

 Love Stoke Hate ………..

Love Stoke Hate Gloryhunters


We Support Our Local Team.

A lineup of the Gloryhunters dream Nightmare!

Love Stoke Hate Arsenal


Why? Try a few of these reasons:-

Whinging Wenger, FA Cup Semi Finals, IceCream Seller, Highbury Library, Diving Eduardo, Alleged Bungs, Gloryhunting supporters. 

The Gunner’s Cannon has brewers droop!


Love Stoke Hate Chelski


 Why? Try a few of these reasons:-

AbromaRICH trying to buy success, Cash no Class, FatFrank, Diving Drogba, Alleged Illegal approaches, Gloryhunting supporters.         


Love Stoke Hate Liverpool


Why? Try a few of these reasons:-

Fat Spanish Waiter, 8 Nil, Gerrard punches like a girl, Missing Wheels, Diving Forwards, Gerrard Justice?, Gloryhunting supporters.

The Liver Bird crys again!

Love Stoke Hate Man U



No Explanation Required!!

The Red Devil Forks Himself!



Love Stoke Hate Vale


Why? Try a few of these reasons:-

Vagrants, The Un Washed, Foyle, Porter, Grew, Walker, Billy Bellend, Charlie Machin’s European Dream (drug test please!), Puddles at The Wembley of the North, Illegal Market, The dog had it’s day and we never heard the last of it!

The True Vale badge snaps and displays it’s true values.

Love Stoke Hate Wolves


Why? Try a few of these reasons:-

The Fat Controller mad Jezzer, Yam Yam Yam Yam, Orange n black, Dingles.

The Wolf is finished with a couple of silver bullets!





If I was to the you that T stands for The and V stands for Vale, can you guess what the F stands for?

Answers followed by the word off, on a postcard please to Port Vale FC, Hamil Road, Burslem, Stoke – on – Trent.


Wilkinson Stoke


Ooh Andy Andy, Andy Andy Andy Andy Wilkinson.

The most improved player since Stoke have been in the Premier League.

A few forwards have felt his sharpness recently so how better to celebrate his brilliance than a pack of blades bearing his name.



Tommy Sørensen


Thomas Løvendahl Sørensen born on the12th. of June 1976 in Fredericia, Denmark, better known to us Stokies as Ooohh, Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, Tommy Sorensen.

His fantastic record of penalty saves for Stoke City this season as seen him become a real fans favourite and his presence between the sticks has made us one of the meanest defensive sides in the Premier League. 

The design we have used also recognises his success on an international level, where he will be defending the Danish goalmouth during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. He has moved on from being Peter Schmeichel’s understudy to owning the position outright.




Dean Whitehead – apparently the “dury’s jury’s still out” but we appreciate what Dean brings to the team and honour him with a design based on another “marmite” character, Ian Dury (well his Blockheads any way!).

When we signed Dean I wrote that he could become another Steve Foley, a player that player’s love because he puts in the hard yards and lets them get on with their game, Foley was that type of player in Lou Macari’s successful Stoke City team, loved by the players but not cherished by the supporters.

I’m sure Dean will deliver and is constantly improving as the season progresses. So Jury, do you want to “hit him with your rhythm stick” or is he a “Reason to be Cheerful?”

God is 7 Sir Stanley Matthews





Never could this be a truer statement than when referring to the very first player to make a shirt number his own. The No. 7 worn on his back wasn’t required to identify Sir Stanley Matthews, he let his skill do the talking.

We* have condensed Mr. Black’s lyrics down to the statement to

“If Man is 5, then the devil is 6, then GOD is 7” and added the image of the world’s finest football statue.

The word God is used to frequently in the modern game but Sir Stan was a true footballing god. He was years before those pretenders to the throne, George Best, Kevin Keegan, Kenny Dalglish, Eric Cantona or Cristiano Ronaldo.

Who else could have a FA Cup Final named after him despite the same team’s centre forward (Stan Mortensen) getting a hat trick.

N.B. will make a donation of £1 for every shirt sold to the Sir Stanley Matthews Foundation. for more information about the foundation. 

*credit to Bunny and Mills!        

Matty Ezer Good

There’s a guy in the placeHe’s got a bittersweet face And he goes by the name of Matty Ezer Good  His friends call him Ezer and he is the main geezer   And he’ll vibe about the place    Like no other man could    He’s refined, sublime, he makes you feel fine     Though very much maligned and misunderstood     But if you know Ezer, he’s a real crowd pleaser     He’s ever so good, he’s Matty ezer Good            

Britannia Amplification

A representation of you – one of our great supporters.

Have a look at the controls on the amp.

Power 1 0

Roar On or Off

Tone – Quiet or Rowdy

One Volume control for each stand plus a master control.

Boothen, Seddon, J Smiths and South. n.b. The selection isn’t the traditional 1 to 10 but one more than the spinal tap 11 at 12th. Man.

The Inputs are Pride, Passion, History and Beer!

Classic amplifiers also carry an individual number tag, this one has the number 1863

Never Surrender

This could be the theme tune of Stoke City

Dave Grohl et al of the Foo Fighters could have written this about the Stoke City Mentality – this applies to both the team and us supporters. To quote Grohl’s former band Nirvana “Smells like Teen Spirit”

The lyrics include the lines

“What if I say I’m not like the others”

“What if I say that I Will Never Surrender”

Our inspiration for this design was this video at the end of the season awards.

It is a play on the Foo Fighters logo and the words “What If I Say I Will Never Surrender”


Stoke – on – Trent


The finest city coat of arms ever to be designed.  
The motto – “Vis unita fortior” and it’s Translation – “United Strength is Stronger” are both included on the shirt.
A representation of the six towns all bought together in 1925 to form The City of Stoke – on – Trent, although this crest was recognised on the 20th. March 1912 where the six towns united into a single County Borough.   

So what else have we been upto?       

Books now available on – link here Stoketshirts Book Store       

     Stoke Books from  

We have a number of great Stoke City books available now on the website including Stephen Foster’s “…and she laughed no more”, Steve Mifflin’s “Exile in The Promised Land” Dave Lee’s “More! You Could’ner Make It Up!”. We will also be listing Simon Lowe’s Match of My Life and the newly released Stoke’s Greatest Games as well as the best autobiography that I have read – Denis Smith’s “Just One of Seven.”       


Golddiscs – If you are looking for that very special, personalised gift for a birthday, anniversary, an award or another celebration then our range of 6 “gold discs” are ideal. The Personalisation can carry any message you like, making them truly unique. See more detail here :- Personalised Gold Discs        

We have sponsored Abdoulaye Faye’s away kit this season – read the story of our day out at the Brit to meet the great man himself here – Abdy and Santa We also produced some Abdoulaye Faye masks that were modelled by a group of Stokies on Sky Sports 1 Saturday Morning Football Show – Soccer AM.       

We were part of an exhibition that featured on BBC Midlands Today – See the Clip here (Midlands Today & Artbay) that features our great artist Potter 63 aka Darren Smallwood, Ian Dyer aka The Boothen End Bard and the Stoke City Legend Alan Hudson. Our shirts have the compliment of being called “Designer T Shirts” paid by the presenter Dan Pallett in his commentary.        

We have also sponsored a great organisation called the Youth Regeneration Initiative that is looking to get established – see story here – YRI & Stoketshirts       

We have also formed close links with the following Stoke City Supporter websites and the Stokecityetc podcast.  Click the name to visit their websites The Oatcake    Stokecityetc Podcast    Pottersnet     Sentinel’s Why Delilah   Rip Roaring Potters  rock n roll Oatcake       

What’s next?

We have still to confirm which design we will be using to make our next limited edition mug.       

For those of you that attended the Artbay exhibition you may have seen our wallet and passport holder samples. These will be available in the coming months as well as some new ideas re. clothing and accessories.       

We are also in the process of setting up a new business which we aim to be a “one stop shop for all printing requirements”. Whether it be Clothing including T shirts, Polo Shirts, Stag & Hen Wear, Workwear or Stationery and Promotional Merchandise. We also have facilities to produce and fit Vehicle Graphics and Signage including Banners, Shop, Exhibition, Information and Safety Signage.       

All with the excellent customer service we provide for       

If you are interested in any of the above and would like a competitive quotation, then email and we will get back to you.       

Our mailing address is:, P.O. Box 1863, Stoke – on – Trent, Staffordshire, ST4 9GZ   

 (C) Copyright 2009 All rights reserved.


 Heroes, Legends and Classics

June 4th, 2009 No comments

 Welcome to our first newsletter/ product update. We have had a great first month and have Nine new designs to top up our heroes & legends and general Stoke categories. We also have a great Abdoulaye L’Esprit design that we hope you will like. The recent perfect weather has been ideal for T shirts so why not treat yourself to one of these great designs to wear on your holidays? Also don’t forget Father’s Day – one of our shirts would make a great gift.

Thanks for your support,

Rob & Simon 


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 Click the logo above to return to the website




N.B. The quality of these images is deteriorated when reduced to fit this media. Please click the image to see the higher quality version.

Heroes, Legends & Classics:

Steino – The Golden One

Steino - The Golden OneWe were spoilt for choice with the many designs that we came up with for the Golden One so we decided to offer three of them! First up is THE GOLDEN ONE. It features Steino in his classic predatory pose having just unleashed another cracker. His famous number 9 and the text “The Golden One” also appear on the design. My recommendation is to have this on a red shirt


Steino Vertical

Steino VerticalOur second tribute to Earl Mark Sean Stein (as his mother christened him).Our less original naming convention of the design describes the layout. a vertical line of text proclaiming STEINO! along with Mark in his red and white stripes. Looks fantastic on a black shirt.


Steino Horizontal

Steino HorizontalAgain not the most inspiring name of a design but this simple duo-toned image captures all that is great about Steino!Simple, effective, and makes a striking impact. A goal ratio of better than 1 in every 2 games ensured that Steino made his Mark on all Stokies memories. Looks great on a red shirt.



SmithThe subject of this design needs no introduction or fanfare, so we’ll keep it simple like the design – SMITH.



Banks of England

Banks of EnglandBanks of England. The Safest pair of hands in the country. This is one Gordon that I would trust never to let anything get past him. A true Stoke City Legend and Hero. There aren’t many players who attract worldwide recognition and would have a game held in their honour some 40 odd years after finishing his career


Abdoulaye – L’esprit – White

Ab Faye - L'esprit WhiteUndoubtedly TP’s best signing from last season. This man has taken on the mantle of centre half cult heroes like Georgie Berry & Denis Smith before him. Again a difficult choice between designs so we have produced both! See below for a full translation.


Abdoulaye – L’esprit – Colour

Ab Faye - L'esprit ColourL’esprit in colour. The text in Abdoulaye Faye’s native tongue says ” Le coeur d’un lion.
l’âme du Senegal, l’esprit de Stoke.” Translated it means The heart of a lion,
The soul of Senegal, The Spirit of Stoke. I am sure we would all agree this text, which alternates in the red, gold and green colours of his countries flag,
captures all that Abdy is about.


Classics from the Lifewear store

After launching we are going through the process of transferring our Classic Lifewear range to the new store.

Here are two of those designs

Six Towns One Soul

Six Towns One SoulFeaturing a Potters kiln and the text Six Towns – One Soul. A statement similar to “vis unita fortior” in the respect that while the six towns maintain their individuality, when put together collectively we have a very strong identity of creativity and a philosophy of work hard, play hard.


Soul on Trent

Soul on TrentSoul on Trent – again features the Potters kiln and is a nod to the Northern Soul scene that Stoke – on – Trent was the hub of back in the late 60’s/ early 70’s. The essence of the Torch and Motown music drove the scene that has recently been revived with regular Northern Soul nights at lots of venues in the area.

Stoke City F.C.      

What a great season

A great season for all Stokies, proving the majority of pundits wrong. It’s been fantastic to see them all retreating back from their initial “worse than Derby” stance to brown nosing TP and his merry men. Enough
publicity oxygen has been given to the likes of Paddy Shower and Talk Shite, but don’t hold your breath; it won’t stop them from doing it again. Burnley next time?

What next for us? I fancy a few high profile players joining the Mighty Potters to help us maintain our Premier League status and to become an established club at this level. Who would have thought that 2 years ago?

Finally, it has been said a few times but once more won’t hurt. Thank you all for playing your part and making us the loudest fans in  the Prem. We are LOUD,
We are PROUD and WE ARE
. It’s been a great experience following Stoke this year. Let’s keep it up for 2009 -2010 and beyond!

Current Bestsellers:

Our bestselling ten t-shirts from the past month

1: Abdoulaye Magnifique

2: Longthrow

3: Abdoulaye My Lord

4: Roadsign

5: Ooh Georgie Berry

6: Who Are The People

7: James BT

8: Bearpit Claw Logo

9: We Won It Two Times

10: Ow At?

Thanks For Everything!

Just a short note to thank all our fellow Stokies for your help, custom and support over the past few months. When we get a positive review or see someone wearing one of our shirts it makes it all worth while. If you’ve got any suggestions for designs that you’d like to see us do, or if you think we could improve on something we’re doing, or even if you just have a question about what we do please don’t hesitate to contact us on

Coming Soon

We’re sure that most of you are aware of this already, but we do have some other Stoke related products that you may be interested in:

How can any self respecting company based in Stoke-
on – Trent not sell a
pottery based  product?          
We already have longthrow and Tony Says Mugs which have both nearly sold out. Our Next mug will be an Abdoulaye Faye Mug. It is still in production
(expected by mid June at the latest) but will be a limited edition of 100
with No. 25 reserved for the man himself. To reserve yours follow this
AD Faye 25 Mug

Website Updates

We have spent some time developing our website to include a little cultural diversity. Still based around all things Stoke and beautiful we have a
Poetry page which features the work of the Bard of the Boothen End, Ian Dyer. Ian releases his first Stoke City Poetry CD very soon. It is called One to Ten, featuring 10 of his poems.It will be available from our site. All profits will be going to the Donna Louise Children’s Hospice, We also have a page dedicated to Art that
relates to Stoke City and features Potter 63’s fantastic work which we hope to have on sale soon both as prints and on T shirts. We also have a blog page which can be found here – Blog. The away section has had it’s
colours changed to reflect next seasons colours.                 Show us your shirts will be a page on our site dedicated to you wearing your stoketshirts, so take a pic of yourself wearing your shirt, send it to us at and we will get them posted. You might spot a couple of your heroes if you check out the page now – Show us your shirts

Don’t forget Your Dad!

It’s FATHER’S DAY on Sunday June 21st. and it will creep up very quickly. So avoid disappointing the “old man” and get him a T shirt, Hoodie or a Long sleeved shirt that he will cherish and wear with pride. If you are a Dad then it’s time to turn the tables on your family and use your “pester power” to get them to buy you one of our fantastic designs! Have a good one!


mailing address, P.O. Box 1863, Stoke – on – Trent, Staffordshire, ST4 9GZCopyright

2009 All rights reserved.