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A freezer fiasco but reasons for optimism

Bolton v Stoke City on Saturday was a game of rarity.  It marked an unusual occurence which renders it truly memorable.  In years to come it’s significance will resonate in my heart and soul… because I was unable to watch it!  It was shown here in my beloved Brisbane on a delay on Sunday morning at 11.30am.  I had hoped to nip to the pub to watch but this was the weekend of moving house and the plethora of associated tasks. This meant our cable TV and internet had been cut off on Friday, it meant that as the telecast started I was lifting a freezer onto a ute in sweltering heat, the same freezer which compounded my misery by falling onto my left foot.  Daniel Day Lewis could make a sequel to his first Oscar winning movie and play the role of me, sweating profusely, writhing in freezer induced agony and not watching the Stoke game.  He’d better be quick, Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are expected to make Stokeless in Seattle! 

I finally saw the result at 7.15 in the evening, whilst resting an icepack on the freezer damage, and realised my dream of us winning three consecutive Premier League games had been scuppered again.  Onto the backburner completely for a while.  I eventually watched the highlights.  Frustrating to get nothing from a game in which we were worth at least a draw but that’s football it happens.  We continued our impressive woodwork record.  Conceding a winner so late is always galling.  But upwards and onwards.  Next upwards we face the evil empire from Old Trafford.  On current form they are not the force they were only last season but anyone who seriously thinks they will be there for the taking should think again.  The ongoing Rooney situation is an unwelcome distraction for them but if we start slowly and save our most potent attacking until an hour in we could be three down and game over.  However, with our current squad we are capable of putting them under pressure.  I’m not saying we’ll beat them but we can certainly put them on the backfoot and stretch them.  It’s time to remember that while we have to respect opposition, as esteemed as they are, we mustn’t be overawed.  Live TV  with hundreds of millions watching throughout the world.  It’s the kind of occasion we craved for so many barren years.  Lets enjoy it.  And let’s hope our players have no regrets on Sunday evening.  And I can definitely watch this one, I won’t be moving white goods at 10.30 on Sunday night.  Over to you Tone!!

Brisbane Roar are in good from.  Despite dominating Newcastle on Saturday only a draw could be wrung out.  Kids were allowed in for free and the crowd still only limped to 10,191.  If the current form is maintained when the finals series comes around in February they can break the 20,000 mark.  Only two and a half years ago the seasons climax attracted crowds of over 30,000.  Can they be lured back?    Unusually there was also a midweek game when Brisbane beat Central Coast in style and comfort but I didn’t attend as I went to see ‘Modfather’ Paul Weller instead.   He did some Jam stuff. 

So FIFA representatives have demanded money for votes.  We’ve  never been so shocked since being told Max Boyce is Welsh.  There is talk of the top table delaying the vote.  Wouldn’t it make more sense to just stop the guilty parties from participating?  Blatter has shown rare humility by admitting this latest kerfuffle has tarnished FIFA’s reputation.  Could there be some connection in the previous weeks suspension of Nigeria or am I speculating widely?  They announced there will be an investigation into these allegations.  I’m sure the accused are deeply terrified by the prospect of a $200 fine and being made to sit at the back of the bus on the way to the next conference.  The entire bidding process has become rather filthy.  The Russian bid leader has slated London for it’s social problems which contravenes the FIFA directive about commenting on other bids.  William Hague has tried to maintain a stiff upper lip by insisting the English bid will behave in a decent and proper manner.  There will be many twists and turns before  December 2nd.  Or whenever the final votes are cast. 

Not a huge shock that Wee Gordy has left Middlesborough.  Sometimes for whatever reasons it just doesn’t work out for some managers at some places.  The baffling aspect though is that at first I thought Middlesborough’s fans were shouting that they want ‘Moggy’.  How is a cat supposed to be able to manage a football club?  A strange demand from the Teesside hoards.   The tale got odder when it transpired the Moggy demand was actually ‘Mogga’ a request for Tony Mowbray to manage them.  Honest!  They want him.  Eight passes across their own penalty area and moaning about Stoke when they get beaten.  At times the word surreal is inadequate.

It’s good to see Steve Tilson back in the game at Lincoln.  In dire circumstances he managed Southend with loyalty and dignity and as a result got the ultimate managers reward…. the sack.  He has the chance to resurrect his career and after the trauma of his last year at Roots Hall he deserves some good fortune.

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