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Slash – Proud of his Stoke roots poses in an I Love Oatcakes shirt

September 28th, 2012 No comments

When we started I never thought I’d see one of the biggest rock stars in the world wearing one of the shirts that I made. I’m very pleased to say I was wrong.
Here’s Slash – aka Saul Hudson – not only wearing a shirt that I made put actually proudly taking a picture of himself wearing it.

Slash – shirts so good I take pics of myself in them

Now for those of you that don’t know, Slash was bought up in Blurton, Stoke – on – Trent.

His most recent dvd was called Made In Stoke.
It just goes to show, you can take the lad out of Stoke, but you can never take Stoke out of the lad.

Just in case you were wondering where you can look like this ex Guns N Roses sweet child of mine – then pop over to our website where we stock all the official Oatcake Day Merchandise

We’ll shortly be adding the book “An Oatcake is For Life, Not Just for Breakfast” to the site.

Green shoots continue to grow but we need a win, political wrangling, football is the best

September 26th, 2012 No comments

In the opening phase of the game at Stamford Bridge we were under persistent pressure.  Stoke couldn’t clear the ball and were overpowered and outmanoeuvred by Chelsea.  We couldn’t  keep the ball and  conceded possession cheaply.  Despite the brilliant sunshine, it seemed we could be facing a long bleak afternoon.  To our players credit we managed to grow into the game.  For all Chelsea’s possession it was Stoke who came closest to opening the scoring when, from a glorious free kick by Glenn Whelan,  Jon Walters header hit the crossbar.  It was noticeable that it was Whelan not Charlie Adam taking the free kick.  Adam was based in a surprisingly advanced position but saw little of the ball.  He also seemed inhibited after collecting a yellow card.  In the second half however he floated in a dangerous corner that Peter Crouch almost got to.  Methinks Glenn Whelan and Charlie Adam could soon become set piece rivals!  As the game wore on we continued to defend with admirable discipline, we combined this with bold forward play.  We carved out few clear chances but it was a refreshing change to  impose ourselves on the game.  At the point we dared to dream we may be able to earn a precious point our hopes were dashed. Ashley Cole’s ghosted run caught us out completely.  Against a team of Chelsea’s quality there are moments you can’t legislate for, Cole’s awareness and  movement was one thing we couldn’t match.  It wasn’t a bad finish either.  All that remained in the game was a vicious lunge by David  Luiz on Jon Walters.  On this blog last week I stated clearly that Andy Wilkinson was foolish to lash out Mario Balotelli, as a result he received a deserved three match ban.  With that in mind it isn’t bias that leaves me aghast that referee Michael Oliver chose not to send Luiz off.  Oliver was next to the incident and saw Luiz fly in two footed.  A red card wouldn’t have changed the outcome of the match, nor is this yet another plea for consistency, quite simply,  is it too much to ask for  officials to correctly apply the laws of football?  We emerged from the game with reasons to be optimistic.  We put the European Champions under pressure on  their homeground and at 0-0 Tony Pulis made substitutions to try and win the game.  Our evolution continues!

As encouraging as the early season signs have been we need to start winning some games of football.  The next league match is at home to Swansea.  In all fairness, and with all respect due, it’s a game we should set out to win.  Every opponent in this league will cause problems but this is an opportunity to chalk up three points. If we maintain our recent levels of enterprise we have every chance of doing so.

The Football Federation of Kosovo have sent a letter, signed by several European players, demanding that Kosovo be allowed to participate in international football.  Both FIFA and UEFA have rules stating that only nations acknowledged by the United nations are allowed to join.  Since gaining independence in 2008 the UN still refuses to accept them as a member…. on these grounds Serbia have publicly opposed Kosovan attempts to join the football family.  The powers that be may have to draw on all their political and diplomatic expertise to ensure an outcome to appease everyone concerned.

The group stage of the Champions League commenced last week and arrived with a bang.  Unlike the usual dull group matches, several games were filled with intense dramatic twists and turns.  During the Olympics  a pomposity developed which sneered at football.  In fact, a recent trend has evolved which involves unfavourably comparing football to other sports. With monotonous regularity the question is asked why footballers don’t behave with the integrity of Olympians.  Their hubris overlooks the fact that many Olympic sports are a mere novelty to be enjoyed once every four years. What we have as football supporters isn’t a passing fad, it’s an essential organic part of our lives.  And when football is as absorbing and exciting as last weeks, it reminds us  we have something that can’t be matched.  As a shameless football propagandist I say that with bombastic pride!!!


Comfort for the bereaved, equality in the workplace, evolution and a remarkable career

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Wednesday September 12th 2012 was  historic.  450,000 documents related to the Hillsborough disaster, and subsequent cover up, were finally released into the public domain.  In the House of Commons, British Prime Minister David Cameron formally apologised to the families of the victims.  It’s possible that younger people have no idea of what happened on that terrible day in April 1989.  No idea of the contempt we, as football supporters, were held in by all tiers of authority… especially the police.  No idea that for several years the moment we associated ourselves with a football match all civil rights were immediately lost.   It was  former Deputy Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police John Stalker in the 80s who said he was aware that many police knew that football matches were one time they were “Let off the leash”.   Anyone who regularly attended matches knew that the mismanagement and victimisation we received would be deemed unacceptable in any other area of society.  Hillsborough was a tragedy for all football supporters. Sadly, the police cover up and scandalous tabloid lies led to many people, including football fans, just reinforcing their own prejudices about people from Merseyside.  Hopefully the release of documents has helped to enlighten people regarding the terrible incidents of that day. Most importantly, we can hope that the families and friends of the bereaved can gain some comfort and that this is a step towards justice.  RIP the 96.

The Stoke City evolution maintained steady progress against champions Manchester City. Steve N’Zonzi made an encouraging start to his Stoke career with some neat incisive passes and Garcia’s equalising goal aside, we defended with discipline and characteristic tenacity.  We were fortunate that the officials didn’t spot Crouch’s handball in the run up to the goal, but any Stoke supporter who remembers Alan Wiley’s hopeless catalogue of errors when Manchester City visited the Brit in the 2009/10 season won’t feel too guilty!  Man City’s equaliser arrived in the 35th minute when a free kick was floated into our box and we failed to pick up Garcia, who nodded home.  From that point we were satisfied to get to half time at 1-1.  Stoke started the second half in the ascendancy. We kept the ball in the opposition half well and managed to assert pressure on the visitors.  In all fairness to Man City they absorbed our pressure well.  The main aspect where their technical superiority was noticeable was  when they played from the back.  We pressed and hassled but they were rarely flustered and usually kept the ball.  A frantic finale saw Asmir Begovic make a remarkable reflex save from Garcia’s header.  The last kick of the game was Ryan Shawcross’ impressive last ditch clearance off the line following Dzeko’s lob over Begovic.  The most poignant moment of those crazy final minutes was Michael Owen making his Stoke City debut to a rapturous welcome!  All in all a draw was a fair result and we thoroughly served the point.  One negative aspect to the game was Andy Wilkinson foolishly lashing out at Balotelli.  Had Mark Clattenburg, or any of the officials spotted it, Wilko may well have seen red, jeopardised our point and he still risks an FA penalty. Our right back is 28 years of age and should know better than to react to any provocation.

To her credit German Chancellor Andrea Merkel has told gay footballers they should have no fear of publicly announcing their homosexuality.  As in most nations, no high profile German player has ever ‘come out’.  Sadly, Merkel’s words are unlikely to encourage many gay players to open up.  An anonymous gay Bundesliga player recently stated that if he was to come out he’d feel his personal safety could be at risk.  Other employers have structures in place to ensure equality in the workplace.  Sexuality based prejudice shouldn’t have to be an issue in this day and age.  In 2012 this is a very dark stain on football’s character.

Jose Mourinho’s Real Madrid have made a shaky start to the season.  4 points from 12  is not what was expected at the Bernabeu. Combine poor form with Cristiano Ronaldo strangely informing the world of his sadness, all is not well. 10th place in the league and 8 points behind Barcelona, their Champions League campaign could be the only road to redemption.  When Mourinho was appointed the Galactico was the manager.  Mourinho was appointed to bring the European Cup to Madrid and was the one that couldn’t possibly fail.  When they face Manchester City on Tuesday more than points will be at stake.

Benfica start their Champions League campaign  without captain Luisao who has been banned for two months for physically attacking a referee.  This story is odd on several levels, one being that this incident actually occurred during a pre season friendly against Fortuna Dusseldorf. A friendly!  How would he cope with the intensity of a Champions League Final?  Luisao is actually the Benfica captain.  While other nations aren’t as preoccupied with captaincy as the English, surely more responsible leadership than that is to be expected.  Why is the ban so short?  An offence of such magnitude should be treated with the utmost seriousness, instead he’ll be back in the team by December.  Combine that with the meagre two match touchline ban Alan Pardew received for manhandling a linesman officials could be forgiven for feeling authorities are failing to support them adequately.

An increasing focus on statistics removes some of the warmth from football.   There are times when they are worth mentioning though.  On Saturday, in his 700th game for Manchester United, Paul Scholes completed 41/45 (91%) of his passes and scored a goal.  Scholes scored in his 100th, 200th, 300th, 400th, 500th, and 700th games for Manchester United.   A bucketload of medals are the spoils of a very  impressive career, but did he have an off day when he made his 600th appearance??




Stoke City vs Man City “Reasons To Be Cheerful, Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now”

September 15th, 2012 No comments

Another episode of “Reasons To Be Cheerful, Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now” this time the opponents to visit Fortress Britannia were Premier League Champions Manchester City.

Reasons to be Cheerful

Oatcake Front Cover Stoke City vs Man City 15/09/12

25 years on from it’s birth the boys at the Oatcake still make me smile – A cracking front cover 🙂


N’Zonzi – I guessed he would start after Dave Kemp singled him out for praise in midweek. An early shout for player of the season!

The sun shines on the righteous

Great performances from the whole team. Marc Wilson was solid, Wilko as gritty as ever and Ryan’s last second clearance was top notch.

The pre match optimism

Crouch getting a decision that I’ve seen so many referees disallow goals for before now. Handball – Was it, wasn’t it? TP said post match  “If Crouchies got away with one,I’m delighted. It makes a change if a small club has got a decision over a big one”                 Crouch said ” yes…. I did handball for the goal… I have to admit… but you have to take the breaks when u get them”

Stoke’s domination of the game, I pinched myself as we kept possession, progression 🙂

Stoke fans raising our game for Man City again – remember the 70th minute roar in our first season at the Brit against them? This wasn’t far away from that.

Man City fans – loved the No Limits Toure song

It’s all gone quiet over there

Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now

Man City fans – sung ’til they went behind, not a patch on their neighbours.

Ballotelli – for a guy built like a brick outhouse he spends too much time lying on the turf.


Stoke City

  • 01 Begovic
  • 04 Huth
  • 12 Wilson
  • 17 Shawcross
  • 28 Wilkinson
  • 06 Whelan
  • 15 Nzonzi
  • 16 Adam
  • 21 Kightly
  • 19 Walters
  • 25 Crouch


  • 29 Sorensen
  • 02 Cameron
  • 20 Upson
  • 18 Whitehead
  • 26 Etherington
  • 10 Owen
  • 33 Jerome

Manchester City

  • 01 Hart
  • 03 Maicon
  • 04 Kompany
  • 06 Lescott
  • 22 Clichy
  • 08 Nasri
  • 11 Sinclair
  • 14 Garcia
  • 42 Y Toure
  • 32 Tevez
  • 45 Balotelli


  • 29 Wright
  • 13 Kolarov
  • 28 K Toure
  • 17 Rodwell
  • 18 Barry
  • 21 Silva
  • 10 Dzeko


Stoke City Blog – Michael and I, Cannon Fodder, Skullduggery, Stability and a Superstar

September 10th, 2012 No comments

When 17 year old Michael Owen burst onto the scene in 1997 it taught me a vital lesson…. football supporters can maintain wondrous childlike fascinations other people can’t.  Despite being 28 years of age and  carrying battle hardened cynicism like a medal, I immediately idolised Owen.   He was a very special player.  Talented, fast and exciting, with an ability to create a yard of space for himself and score goals from odd angles.  Michael Owen had the lot.  I hoped for the boy wonder’s inclusion in Glenn Hoddle’s World Cup squad and my wish was granted.  In St Etienne he scored his brilliant solo goal against Argentina my prodigy, rightly, became a global superstar.  On his return to club football he scored a brilliant hat trick against Newcastle.  As the plaudits rolled in the cap size remained the same.  The archetypal mature head on young shoulders. One of my dearest wishes was for Owen to beat Bobby Charlton’s England scoring record…. for Owen to make history, and to shed one of the ghosts of 1966.  Ongoing injuries scuppered that possibility but 40 goals in 89 international appearances is an impressive record for any player.  Having spent time in the football wilderness, few could deny that Stoke City’s new acquisition is something of a risk. He’s signed a one year contract.  The pace of youth may have gone but penalty box instinct like that never leaves.  It’d be foolish to set a target so if he can just score some goals for us the risk will have paid off.  And we can return to St Etienne, albeit briefly. Good luck Michael!!

(Want to see Micheal’s first goals at the Brit? Check this out and let’s hope we see plenty more soon  – Owen at The Brit )// //

In Moldova, England produced a professional performance.  From the moment Frank Lampard’s penalty put us ahead the result wasn’t in doubt.  Nobody can claim Moldova are a major player on the world stage but in the past these games have been more difficult that they should be, so to run out 5-0 winners is satisfying.  Ukraine provide England’s next challenge and will be a much tougher proposition.  But if everyone plays with the same level of discipline and focus we have every chance of winning the game.  The national team is now operating on a much more stable footing.  It’s pleasing that Hodgson’s experience and wisdom has removed the drama and the circus that surrounds the England set up.

There is very little glory for the lesser European nations.  Did Andorra’s 0-5 thrashing by Hungary assist their footballing development in any way at all?  Has Lichtenstein’s 1-8 defeat to Bosnia helped them to acclimatise to the demands of the international game?  Of course not.  Having so many teams in who are merely cannon fodder is devaluing the qualifying process.  This could get worse too.  The foolish decision to expand the European Championship from 16 to 24 teams will result in almost half the teams in the qualifying competition will take part in the tournament.   It has to be the right time to introduce a preliminary qualifying competition.  Surely it’s time to put emphasis on quality.

The Confederation of African Football recently held their national conference in the Seychelles.  Amid allegations of corruption, Issa Hayatou has been the president of the CAF for 25 years.  Rumours had floated around the African game that 2010 World Cup CEO Danny Jordaan was preparing to stand against Hayatou.  Organising a World Cup and experience of negotiating with other federations suggests Jordaan is man worthy of African football’s top job.  However, at last weeks conference new rules were introduced preventing any challenge from Jordaan.  Those without CAF voting rights are no longer allowed to challenge for Hayatou’s job, effectively handing the president re-election unopposed.  An undemocratic act of cunning which does nothing to restore the public’s faith in the game’s administrators.

Superstar Alessandro Del  Piero has joined Sydney FC. It is undoubtedly the biggest signing in the A-League’s (admittedly short) history.   The general response is positive.  Undoubtedly it will  encourage many non football fans to attend a few games generating much needed revenue and interest.   It’s also a relief as it provides pre season in Australia with a fresh discussion point after  recent crowd violence.  So overall, it’s ‘good for the game’ in Australia.  However, it isn’t the only way to promote football.  Risking accusations of bias, I suggest that Brisbane Roar’s recent achievements eclipse anything Del Piero can contribute  to football here.  Ange Postecoglou transformed Brisbane Roar into the most formidable force in the history of Australian sport.  Playing quick crisp exciting football, Brisbane swept aside all comers with an irresistible combination of incisive passing and an ability to create chances at will. Watching these dazzling displays of kaleidoscopic movement was an absolute privilege.  It’s entirely appropriate that Roar wear orange shirts.  It’ll be exciting to see a player of Del Piero’s stature in the flesh, but it isn’t the only way forward.
// //

Micheal Owen’s first goals at the Britannia Stadium

September 7th, 2012 No comments

Loving this video which shows a young Michael Owen punishing a young goalkeeper (no it’s not Dave Kitson!) who was being coached by Neville Southall for an early coaching video.

If only he was coming to Stoke at that age 🙂

Check it out below

Rory Delap launches new Rainy Day Appeal for Donna Louise Hospice

September 6th, 2012 No comments

A week or so ago we got a call from The Donna Louise Children’s Hospice Trust to enquire if we print umbrellas. Odd we thought but it was then explained that it was to launch a new appeal to help combat the lack of funds that the hospice has received due to events being cancelled during the rainy summer.
The Rainy Days Appeal was launched earlier this afternoon (Thursday 6th September) at The Hospice by Stoke City’s Rory Delap, The Lawton Family (Liam and his Mum Lisa) who are supported by the charity, under our printed umbrellas.

Rory starts to serenade Liam & Lisa “Under my Umbrella, ella, ella”

The Trentham-based Hospice is now launching its Rainy Days Appeal to encourage people
to make a quick donation and to also have some fun raising money.

Through the appeal, people can make a quick and simple donation to
rainydaysappeal where each donation of £5 or more will automatically be entered into a
prize draw to win a Family ticket to Waterworld.

Donations can also be made by mobile, just TEXT “Rain77 £(amount)” to 70070 or by
cheque made payable to The Donna Louise Trust. Alternatively, call into the Hospice at
Grace Road in Trentham with any donations.

The idea of the Rainy Days Appeal is to have some fun organising an event where you may get wet!
If you would like to hold a fundraising event, why not have a wellie day, where everyone can
enjoy swapping their shoes for wellies in return for a donation.

Melanie Mills, Director of Fundraising and PR, said: “Our fundraising income is 30% lower
than expected and we are now drawing on our reserves to ensure the 24/7 running costs of
the Hospice can be met.

The Summer months of June, July and August are usually some of our busiest and most
successful fundraising months. However, due to the poor weather this year, we have ended
the summer £80,000 short of our expected income. To put that in context, £80,000 is enough
to run our Hospice service for 13 days.

“We are committed to keeping the Hospice open 24/7, but we need help to make up some of
the shortfall and are calling on the generosity of local people and businesses to join us.”

Melanie added: “We are a local hospice, supported by the local community and caring for
local children and their families. Please join us by donating or having a wellie day and help us
ensure we can always be there for the children who need us – rain or shine.”

Keep in touch with the Fundraising Team with any wellie events and contact them on 01782
654444 or You can also visit and
join them on Facebook.

We’ve found a great website with photos of Rory getting a soaking from a young lady at the event – make sure you check out both pages 🙂
Mepics Photography: Roryrain &emdash;

Mepics Photography: Roryrain &emdash;

Mepics Photography: Roryrain &emdash;


Stoke City’s 25 Man English Premier League Squad – who makes the final 25?

September 4th, 2012 No comments

So it’s decision time for TP. Who will make the final squad of 25 for Stoke City in the English Premier League?
His last signing of the season has been made with the arrival of Michael Owen (some of us sort of forecast this back in June – see video)

So who makes your 25?
Will Mama make it alongside Michael?

Please leave us your predictions below as a comment

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SCFC F5 Refresh – Revitalised Potters. Boss in the trough, strong management required

September 4th, 2012 No comments

From the moment new signing Charlie Adam was introduced in Saturday’s game against Wigan, Stoke played with increased  creative energy.  We carried the game to the opposition and  showed much more fluidity.  Even at this early stage we could all see that Charlie can provide that craft and guile we’ve been looking for.  Combine that with his natural tendency to be industrious and cover ground, we may have finally found the missing link in our evolution.  It could prove to be a masterstroke from Tony Pulis.

The first half was tale of two penalties, both correctly awarded.  Having got to half time on level terms it was infuriating to again fall behind early in the second half to such a sloppy goal.  Our defence got dragged all over the park.  It was a decent finish by Di  Santo but from our perspective it was catastrophic that he managed to get such an opportunity.  For a side like Stoke, known for defensive organisation, it was an awful way to fall behind.  To our players credit they drove forward in search of the equaliser.  The deserved leveller eventually arrived in the 76th minute through Peter Crouch.  It was pleasing for Crouch to get on the score sheet as so far this season he’s rarely had a sniff of goal.  However, Saturday proved that with service he’s still a huge asset and our most likely scorer.  The remainder of the game saw us pressing for the winner.  We’d have snatched the victory but for Ali Al Habsi’s remarkable reflex save from Charlie Adam’s free kick.  All in all a draw was a fair result.  Most pleasing is that in Charlie Adam we finally have a playmaker.   A refreshing performance from The Potters.


Cristiano Ronaldo scored twice for Real Madrid but celebrated neither goal.  After the game he told the press “It could be because I am a bit sad. That is the only reason. When I don’t celebrate goals, I am not happy.”  Predictably,  his words sparked a barrage of intrigue.  Is he trying to manipulate a transfer?  Unless he’s prepared to take a pay cut there may only be two clubs in the world who could afford him.  If Paris Saint Germain aren’t prepared to splash out he could be moving back to Manchester… and he wouldn’t be wearing red this time!

Bizarrely, head of UEFA Michel Platini has welcomed the influx of QSI (Qatar Sports Investments)  money to PSG.  This is in contradiction to the financial fair play rules he’s instigating.  Platini and Qatar seem to have a thing for each other.  Platini also voted for Qatar to host the 2022 World Cup.  Platini and Qatar could be seen as a love wholesome and pure… until you remind yourself that Laurent Platini, son of Michel, is QSI’s legal advisor.  Platine was a truly great player but once he became a powerbroker he dipped his head in the trough…. just like the rest of them.

Newcastle manager Alan Pardew has received a two match touchline ban for pushing assistant referee Paul Kirkup.  Two matches is remarkably lenient.  Since the incident Pardew has been humble and apologetic but manhandling officials should be treated with utmost seriousness.  Referees should unite and take action about this episode.

Attention now turns to the forthcoming World Cup qualifying matches.  England’s preparation has been disrupted by injuries to Wayne Rooney and Andy Carroll.  Roy Hodgson took the odd step of choosing not to replace Carroll in the squad.  Rooney’s absence could be a blessing in disguise.  Statistics show that England are more likely to win without Rooney in the team.  Since illuminating the  the 2004 European Championship, Rooney has played in three tournaments and made little impression.  While few would doubt he is the outstanding English player of his generation, at international level he can’t be trusted to deliver. One factor is everything England do goes through him, which seems to inhibit his colleagues.  There is a precedent we can reflect on.  In one of his early press conferences as Spain manager Luis Aragones was forcefully questioned about the omission of Raul.  Aragones reached breaking point and asked the gathered media how many tournaments Raul has played in and how many of them had Spain won?  When the answer was that with Raul Spain had won nothing Aragones turned the questions back on his inquisitors by demanding to know why they insist on Raul.  That was one of the pivotal points that turned Spain into football’s dominant power. If the games against Moldova and Ukraine go well, and Rooney is fully fit for the qualifiers in October, Roy Hodgson would be wise to copy Aragones’ strategy.  It’d be a huge decision but management involves making those decisions.  Reputations alone shouldn’t make an automatic starter.

Fabio Capello‘s Russia start their campaign with a match against Northern Ireland.  Capello sat down with Andrei Arshavin recently to tell him he would be continuing as captain.  When the squad was announced Arshavin hadn’t been selected.  Following the ongoing traumas in his previous job it does raise the question…. what is it with Capello and captaincy?


Port Vale Administration – List of creditors

September 1st, 2012 No comments

When the Vale went bust for the second time in 10 years this is the list of people that they left out of pocket. From  £1.8m owed to Stoke-on-Trent City Council (us the council tax payers) to expenses of £14.80 from former Vale chief executive Perry Deakin,

ADT Fire & Security, Halesowen £2,379.91

Advanced Card Bureau, Dorset £153.11

Afford Rent-a-Car, Fenton £129

AMS Securities, Baldwins Gate £0

AP Designs, Sutton Coldfield £1,284

Atlasco Construction, Chesterton £12,137.10

Azure Support Services, Macclesfield £39,791.46

Alextra Accountants, Crewe £1,214.40

Bakers Coaches, Biddulph £0

BGC, Burslem £65

BHygienic, Trentham £21

Blythe Pictures, Longton £375.60

Booker Cash & Carry, Stoke £190.53

Bowcom Florence Works, Cardiff £40.99

British Telecom, Gateshead £429.74

British Red Cross, Paisley, Scotland £1,824

BSI Company, Taunton, Somerset £37.70

Bluefin, Surrey £1,445.28

C.J. Bayley, Burslem £628.68

Campey Turf Care Systems, Macclesfield £417.12

Card Express, Ossett, W Yorks £604.25

Cavalier Studios, Stockport £1,929.60

City of Stoke rates, Stoke £3,199.87

City Locks & Ironmongery, Tunstall £78.00

Control Energy Costs, Surrey £3,130.93

City of Stoke Local Tax Office, Stoke £17.35

Continental Solutions Limited, Gibraltar £277,734

Demonprint, Stafford £72

Dimensions, no address given £2,199.78

Dr Phillips & Partners, Shelton £2,586

David Lee, Baldwins Gate £42

Dr G V Reddy, Shelton £7,975

Edge Creative, Sutton Coldfield £450

FWB Products, Stoke £508.68

Gazprom, Kingston-Upon-Thames £3,723.02

George Green Solicitors, Cradley Heath £32,453.40

GTEQ Solutions, Macclesfield £0

Health On-Line, Tunbridge Wells, Kent £1,337.74

Health Partners Europe, Belmont, Surrey £466.69

Heritage Leisure Designs, Basford £8,420.86

Hollywood Monster, Birmingham £1,230.00

HSBC £275.08

HM Revenue & Customs ICHU £0

HMRC Debt, Enforcement & lnsolvency £189,965.21

Jessops, Leicester £9.07

J-Media, Wilmslow £3,681.54

Jeff Vernall, Kidsgrove £340

Paula Jones, Kinver, Staffordshire £0

Lloyds MOT Test Centre, Tunstall £4

Louis Taylor, Hanley £625

Maverick Promotions, Grantham, Lincs £2,182.25

Modern Engraving, Stoke £127.20

Morplan, Harlow, Essex £49.12

Martin David Morris, Basford £264

MWay, Bucknall £2,819.76

Newcastle College £4,176

NPower Direct, Leeds £6,679.06

Nuffield Proactive, Surbiton, Surrey £15.60

Nuprint Lithographic, Newcastle £108

Orona, Sheffield £1,069.99

Perry Deakin (expenses), Burntwood, Staffs £14.80

PC World Business, Bury £60.87

PHS Washrooms, Caerphilly £248.40

Plan 4 Sport, Lichfield £2,700

Portakabin, York £1,091.97

PRM Sport, Lichfield £4,999.20

Protec Fire, Nelson, Lancs £65.35

Rangers FC, Glasgow £3,550.56

Redsquid Communications, Hertford £36

Regal Sports Press, Denbigh East, Bucks £5,443.20

Rubicon Digital, Chesterfield £281

Keith Ryder, no address given £100,000

Sporting Logic, Alvechurch, Birmingham £1,512

Stephen G Plant Consultant, Bagnall £240

S&A Pet Discs, Pontypridd £70

S.A.B Risk Management, Stafford £6

SAS Refrigeration, Adderley Green £213

Sage UK, Newcastle-upon-Tyne £309.42

Sales Pitch (Patrick Mews), Staffordshire £1,147.20

Scottish Power, Glasgow £5,611.57

Security Plus, Uttoxeter £60.60

Security Services, Stoke £672

Staffordshire Sentinel, Etruria £0

Seven L, Chorley, Lancs £0

Severn Trent Water, Coventry £17,588.92

Silver Fox, Rough Close £65

Simmons of Stoke-on-Trent, Etruria £1,586.14

Sky Business, Livingston, West Lothian £0

Sneyd Building Contractors, Cliffe Vale £82.24

Sporting ID, Newcastle-upon-Tyne £644.52

Stadium Experience, Hampshire £236

Staffordshire FA, Stafford £285

Stage Management Services, Bentilee £0

Strata Window World, Etruria £135.60

Stoke-on-Trent City Council, Stoke £1,859,000

T.G. Baker (Sound), Blackburn, Lancs £5,385

George Hotel, Burslem £780

Tarmac Building Products, Buxton £242.40

The Stanland Group, Thornaby £699.93

Thor Lightning Protection, Hanley £180

Titanic Brewery, Burslem £210.42

TLC Cleaning, Biddulph £504

Travis Perkins, Northampton £2,650.84

Co-operative Bank, Stafford £42,007.51

Vandanel Premier, Loughton, Essex £161.69

Vodafone, Newbury £2,045.54

West Midlands Ambulance, Worcester £0

Witan Creations, Stafford £2,595.53

TOTAL £ 2,688534.09

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