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The Staffordshire Hoard and Ye Boothen Tapestry

March 31st, 2010 No comments

As the largest collection of Anglo-Saxon gold in the country, the discovery of the ‘Staffordshire Hoard’ attracted masses of researchers and historians while creating a media frenzy. A routine cataloging of a peculiar Saxon container, however, has uncovered something even rarer – a genuine Anglo-Saxon tapestry that depicts events that may be eerily familiar to supporters of Stoke City.

Left furled up in the bottom of the container, the tapestry has miraculously managed to remain in legible condition. The first section names the document ‘ye Boothen tapestry’ and goes on to explain that it was commissioned by Penda of Mercia, the 7th Century King of Mercia, to depict the prophecies of a hitherto unknown seer named as ‘Pottæfred’.

While the details are currently indistinct, it would seem that Pottæfred’s subject is a Mercian army that he consistently refers to as ‘Stoke City’. It is initially explained that the tapestry will tell the story of one of the Kingdom’s oldest forces who have a halcyon period before a series of unfortunate events and heavy defeats result in the gradual decay as a fighting unit. What follows is a series of tales that have a remarkable number of parallels with the modern day Stoke City’s rise to the Premier League.

The tales begin as the Viking noblemen who have taken control of the army relinquish their command to ‘merchant Coates’, a local businessman who compensates the Vikings with a decent amount of gold and what is referred to as a ‘mystery sack’. One of the merchant’s first acts is to bring with him the army’s previous battle tactician Anthony Pulis, thought to have been martyred by the Vikings for his unswerving Christian belief in spending hours forcing the locals to observe his silent weekly study of the bible, as opposed to introducing Viking berserkers to put on regular fighting contests.

With this as his starting point, Pottæfred proceeds to chart a series of notable events in the army’s history and even includes special profiles for the more notable soldiers, detailing their role within the army.

Said history undergraduate and Stoke season ticket holder Adam Wootton,

“Naturally, everyone is very excited by this extra find, especially given recent revelations about its content. Initially, we were hoping that it would give us an insight into Saxon life in Mercia under Penda, but instead we’ve recovered a fascinating document that seems to relate to modern events. Perhaps we can work on translating and interpreting the later parts of the text and see what Pottæfred thinks is yet to come. Remarkably, vast sections of the tapestry have survived so hopefully there’s plenty left to work on.”

One key part of the tapestry that has been the subject of much scrutiny and restoration techniques based on those first used by Louis Joubert in the mid 1800’s, is the section entitled “Ye Britannic Bearpit.” This was in a relative poor state of repair (see photo 1 below) when first discovered, but has been carefully reproduced using the Joubert technique to produce a bright clear image. (see photo 2).

Segment of Ye Boothen Tapestry pre- restoration

Photo 1

A reconstruction of the original tapestry

Photo 2

The works have been secured for the popular enjoyment of the public by thus preserving this fascinating part of Potters’ history for generation to come.

Other images that have undergone the reconstruction process show other characters that bear amazing similarities to the Stoke City players of today.

Sir Liam - Keeper of Ye Hounds

Anthony Pulis - Avenged Martyr and Director of Battle

Rory ye Slinger - Lord Longthrow of Stoke

Rory ye Slinger - Lord Longthrowe of Stoke

As you read this, the restoration work continues and new revelations are being discovered on a daily basis.

Get Leathered at Easter

March 29th, 2010 No comments

Get Leathered at Easter

Spring has sprung (just about) and it’s the time of year for chocolate eggs and hot cross buns (and possibly quite reflection on matters spiritual). Or not. Anyway, why should the kids get all the fun? We at are very pleased to announce that we’re moving into leather goods.

No! stop thinking about those sort of leather goods! Ours are far more useful. Why not treat a loved one or just treat yourself to either a new wallet or a passport holder – the summer holidays are just around the corner.

We have produced a wallet, made from a distinctive “distressed” look leather which are block embossed with our ever popular “SC/FC – Let There Be Stoke” design.

SCFC Let there be Stoke Wallet

They’re really practical as well – with enough pockets to hold at least eight bank or credit cards and have a double mesh screen flap designed to hold personal ID like a Driving License, Student Union or Oyster travel card. So next time you’re at the bar, whip out the readies from this unique piece of leather you’ll be proud to show off.

Our Passport holders are ideal for Stokies thinking about their summer holidays or who travel with work and want to declare their pride in being a Potter as well as their British-ness.

Stoke - on - Trent passport holder

Finished in soft red leather they proudly display the City of Stoke-on-Trent crest and the English translation of the City motto “United Strength is Stronger”. Just like the wallets they’re practical as well as stylish – they have a number of pockets to hold cash or travel documents and a clear window to display the owner’s passport when showing it to demanding officials.

Stoke - on - Trent passport holder inside

Both the wallets and passport holders are sourced locally in Staffordshire from a supplier that has high street retailer Next as one of it’s customers. The level of quality in the products is excellent and even better – prices for both items include post and packing. Wallets are £14.99 Passport Holders £12.99.

For a link to buy the wallet click here – WALLET
For a link to buy the passport holder click here – PASSPORT HOLDER

We have also made them available locally – The highly regarded, award winning, gift store The Pepper Kiln 19, The Strand, Longton is owned by fellow Stokies Ian and Jill. If you are calling in then don’t forget take a treat for their Stoke supporting Staffy Bull, Monty.

Hell Bent for Leather

McScooby’s “Imageology” – Graphics inspired by my love of Stoke City.

March 28th, 2010 No comments

Hi, I’m honoured to have been asked by to write a blog for them. I’m a regular poster on the Proboards “Oatcake” fanzine site and some of my posts have attracted interest due to their “graphic nature” 😀
The last couple of months have fueled my imagination, games against Man City and Arsenal in particular which were so full of contraversial decisions left me feeling angry and resentful BUT also produced many ideas for me to play with.
Alan Wiley’s mystifying performance during the game v. Manchester City at The Britannia Stadium was one particular occasion which got my brain sizzling. On my return journey home I couldn’t shake the idea that Wiley’s choice to:

  • send off a Stoke player
  • ignore Vieira’s tackle on Whelan
  • deny Shawross’s excellent header in the dying moments

was nothing short of theft…Grand Theft! Cue the birth of “Grand Theft Wiley”.
Grand Theft Wiley

Here’s the pics. of the T shirt we made up for McScooby with his great design.

Referee – be heard but not seen!

March 21st, 2010 No comments

Another day at the Britannia and another prima donna referee. Stoke City versus Tottenham Hotspurs saw Mike Dean hit the headlines.
There’s an old saying that goes “be seen and not heard” and too many of today’s Premier League officials really take that to heart.
They love to think we have paid our hard earned cash to watch them. Mike Dean is another one of the Rob Styles, Graham Poll school who think it’s their stage.
He thinks it’s the “Mike Dean Show”, especially with his over exhuberant gestures – what a prize tosser.
No doubt he’ll go back to the referee’s club and re-live the story of how he robbe Stoke again to his buddies.
As they get nearer the end of their career they get more controversial as it makes them more attractive to media companies.
I don’t know about you but I hate listening to Poll when he’s on 5live and often switch it off. He talks as if he has a “holier than thou” attitude.

As for the sending off, then I don’t think Whitehead should have given him the opportunity. Both “tackles” were careless and in areas of the pitch when a pressing obstruction would have been a wiser choice. A player of his experience should be making better choices and I guess that Tony Pulis, while being supportive of the player in public, will have a few words in private.

To close I think that referees should switch the earlier saying around and have the attitude that they should be heard and not seen (On the pitch and not in the media!).

Kitson and his love of Spurs

March 20th, 2010 No comments

With Stoke about to set to the field against Harry’s Spurs I recalled a connection about Super Dave Kitson being a Tottenham fan. I read an old piece from his Reading days about DK worshipping Spurs and Glen Hoddle.

This cutting from it shows his real empathy for football fans.
“Kitson makes no bones about his love for all things Spurs.
He said: “I make no secret of it and why should I? I think it is sad to be a footballer and not be a fan. It is almost a sin.
“There are players who just don’t see how football affects people and can’t remove themselves enough to see the impact they have. It is such a huge part of our culture.
“I am a fan and it matters to me whether Tottenham win. And it matters to my family. If Spurs lose, the week is a non-starter.”

Read more:

Also another interesting piece here
From Tavern to Tottenham via Sainsbury’s on the Dave Kitson road to stardom

He has scored previously against Tottenham, If he gets a start today let’s hope he can pull off the same trick in red and white stripes.
The Future's Kitson

Chelsea vs Stoke City Panorama

March 8th, 2010 No comments

Here’s the latest offering from my mobile phone camera.
This time it’s Chelsea away just before Kick Off in the FA Cup Quarter Final at Stamford
are we all JT’s children?

We also took our banner to the ground and have a few pics of it below.

Tony Says Hanging Baskets

Tony Says GOONER

Tony Says Shed? Should be Bed – Chelski fans were sleeping