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July 20th, 2009 No comments

Welcome to our second newsletter/ product update. We have an amazing Fourteen new designs (although three have these have already been released – Austria Tour x 2 and Fortress). We also have the launch of the Potter 63 artwork and t shirt range featuring fantastic airbrush paintings of Liam and Beats. The Abdoulaye L’Esprit Mug has been our fastest selling yet so don’t miss out. We also have a Fantasy Football League Competition (with a Stoke City Twist) that is free to enter and prizes can be won, news of our website updates and “what else” we have been up to. It’s still great T shirt weather so why not treat yourself to one of these great designs?

Thanks for your support,

Rob & Simon

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All Things Stoke & Beautiful


Steino - The Golden One
Our great stadium as seen in “plan” view. A simple, clean design that looks
fantastic on all colours. Wear this with pride.


I Love SCFC Stoke City Football Club
A simple but effective design that gives your personal display of affection to the
one (club) you Love.


+52 59 18.00 N

-2 10 32.00 W

May not mean much at first glance but put it into GPS SatNav and it will guide you to the best place on Earth, The Britannia Stadium. These are wrapped around our Brit Plan to make a striking design.


A nod to our history and how our year of formation may have been displayed at the time. MDCCCLXIII is of course the Roman Numerals for 1863.

Caution – I am the Potter’s Twelfth

Caution - I am the Potters Twelfth Man
If the health and safety police had their way then every fan would not be allowed into
the Brit. unless wearing this notice and ear defenders. Caution High Noise Levels – I AM THE POTTERS TWELFTH MAN.

Abdoulaye – Evolution

Abdoulaye Evolution Darwin
An Abdy lifewear classic. Disproving Darwin, 150 years after he came up with it! –
There is no Theory of Evolution. Only a list of creatures that Abdoulaye Faye has allowed to live.

Definitely City

Stoke Definitely City - Oasis definitely maybe tribute
Wear this and you might live forever.  A supersonic nod to Noel & Liam despite
their manc. roots. This is a classic design further improved by including two of the most important words in the English language. 


F*ck The Media

F*ck the Media
As that famous son of Ireland, Father Jack (from Father Ted) says “Feck the Media”.
Okay he probably didn’t say “the media”, or our shirt doesn’t mean Feck. We are Stoke and no matter what anyone says we work hard, play hard and get results. F*ck ’em.

Stokies Here

Stokies Here, Stokies There
A design for Stokies that reside in all corners of the world. We have had requests
for shirts from Australia, USA, Chile, Norway, Sweden an even Fegg Hayes. As the
Song goes, Stokies Here, Stokies There Stokies Every F*ckin where. Wherever you
are the Kiln image will remind of where your heart is.

Liam Lawrence by Potter 63

Liam Lawrence Stoke No. 7 - potter 63
As Liam signs a 4 year extension to his contract we have tweaked Potter 63’s wonderful painting of Lenny celebrating notching our first Premier League goal.
Keep the dog away this season Liam.

James Beattie by Potter 63

James Beattie 20 - Potter 63
James Beattie was TP’s best signing at the turn of 2009. His goals had fans talking of
him being an England player again, although I doubt if Fabio even knows where the Brit. is. Potter 63’s great piece of art has captured Beats in that pose we all love to see him in, celebrating a goal for the Mighty Potters. We have give
it the Stoketshirts treatment and added his name and squad number.

Austria Tour Shirts – Where Potters Dare

Where Potters Dare - Austria '09 Tour
by messrs Burton and Eastwood’s 1968 classic, this alternative Pre-Season 2009
shirt shows the locations of the Potters all-important warm-up matches and their
opponents. Any Stokies planning an assault on
the quiet mountainous nation of Austria will find the map invaluable and the “tour dates” will act as a timely reminder of where you’re supposed to be should you over indulge on “bier und schnitzel”

Austria Tour Shirts – The Hills are Alive

The Hills Are Alive with the Sound of Stokies
The Sound of Austria 2009!  Remember Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music? For Julie read Liam. Well this year the Alps will be ringing to the Sound of Stokies!
Yes, it’s pre-season time again! July is here and once again Tony and the lads are off to the land of the Schnitzel for another gruelling week of ‘aard work in the mountains.

Fortress – Ian Dyer The Boothen End Bard

Fortress The Britannia - Ian Dyer
“The Britannia is packed to the rafters…”- the first line of Ian Dyer’s stirring tribute to the fantastic matchday atmosphere of the Brit – “Fortress”. 
Inspired by the imagery of Ian’s Poem we created our own take on “Fortress Britannia”. A hybrid Stadium entrance/castle wall to represent the fortress mentality that will no doubt welcome opposition teams and fans for many a season and embellished with the phrase “This is our Fortress – where no one shirks or hides”.


Stoke City F.C.      

Getting Ready for 2009-2010

The pre season speculation continues to rumble on. Talk of new signings with names such as
Scholes, Crouch, Cisse and O’ Neil linked with the club. Who’s going? Our Irish aces shirt has been de-listed and taken back to the drawing board now that Stephen Kelly has gone to Fulham.  Meanwhile Stokies head of in
search of the sun with a Stoketshirts T shirt in their case. Thought like “where’s that internet cafe when you need it?” “Is that text from my mate a windup or can we really get him in a Stoke shirt?” Is “Davesviews” just a front for all internet cafe owners to make a few quid?” Isn’t summer great. 

I am sure Sir Peter and Triffic
Tone won’t let us down and will get the right players who possess the “right DNA.” In Tony we trust.

Our heroes & legends newsletter had a couple of hitches with the
majority of you only getting the text version. Please bear with
us while we try to master these wonderful software programmes
that it ooh so easy to communicate (If only) this year.

Current Bestsellers:

Our bestselling ten t-shirts from the past month

1: Abdoulaye Faye L’esprit White

2:  SC/FC Let There Be Stoke

3: Longthrow

4: Bearpit Claw Logo

5:  Ab Faye Does Not Sleep

6: Who R Yer

7: Abdoulaye Magnifique

8: Ow At?

9: Abdoulaye Faye L’esprit Colour

10: Abdoulaye My Lord

Thanks For Everything!

Thanks for your continued support. As I said in our last
newsletter, when we get a positive
review or see someone wearing one of our shirts it makes it all worthwhile. A personal highlight for me last month was when I was in Spain for a family holiday and my daughter asked me if that was one of our shirts that someone was wearing. It was and it was someone I didn’t know wearing a Longthrow shirt – what a buzz!  We have also got some great supporters on the messageboards that  keep giving us fantastic ideas for new designs. If you’ve got any suggestions for designs that you’d like to see us do, or if you think we could improve on something we’re doing, or even if you just have a question about what we do please don’t hesitate to contact us on



Our Abdoulaye Faye Mug is now available and selling
Don’t forget that it is
a limited edition of 100
with No. 25
reserved for the man himself. To get yours follow this

AD Faye 25 Mug
Our Next mug is
in the pipeline and all will be revealed in the next newsletter

Potter 63 – Art Prints

Potter63’s great airbrush artwork is now available in our
webstore. These will make a great centre piece on any wall. We have 3 options of prints to choose from. There is also a wide selection of sizes.
These are described and listed below

1. A High Quality Box Framed Canvas Print (where the
canvas is stretched over the frame)

2. A Canvas Only Print that is also high quality and
that you can frame.

3. A Gloss Photo Paper print, again high quality,
and can be framed by yourself.

The sizes of the prints are

8 x 12 inch

12 x 16 inch

16 x 20 inch

20 x 30 inch


James Beattie Airbrush


James Beattie - Potter 63 Airbrush

Liam Lawrence Airbrush


Liam Lawrence Airbrush Potter 63


What Else?

We had a great piece in the business section local newspaper that featured our shirts.
For any of you that may have missed it then it can be seen online here –

Sentinel Stoketshirts Article

We have also been busy supporting the Donna Louise
Children’s Hospice in a couple of areas helping fundraise for a very worthy
cause. We helped Rory Delap by “branding” his charity bike ride “Longthrow
does the Longride” , designing a logo for it and having his cycling shirt
printed after raising over £2500 getting sponsors to have their logos printed
onto it. See pics of the shirt here

Longthrow does The Longride”

and here

Longthrow Rory Pics

We have also been auctioning the prestige Nos. of the
Tony Says Mugs and amazingly No. 100 went for £26. We have raised over £70 for the Donna Louise by doing this thanks to your generosity.




Don’t Forget Your Holiday T Shirts

It’s Holiday season and it’s always great to see a fellow Stokie strolling along the prom wearing a Stoke T Shirt, whether it be Cyprus, Salou, Rio or Rhyl. Be Loyal, Be Proud, Be Seen wearing a Stoke T Shirt. 
Don’t forget to take your photo wearing it and send it in to us to add to our “show us your shirts” page. Make your holiday complete and buy oneof our fantastic designs! Have a good one! Fantasy Football League

It’s hardly Skinner and Baddiel but you could win prizes
in our very own Fantasy Football League. We have formed a league on the
website. It is in the form of a head tohead league, where teams play each other on a weekly basis with 3 points for a win and 1 for a draw.. It’s completely FREE TO ENTER and I have added a couple
of Stokie Rules to keep it interesting. They are that you must have  the maximum no. of Stoke players in your selection (Three) at all times, with at
least two selected to start each game (unless injured).  To register then set a team up on the above website then use the league code
to join your team into the league 215223-73012. If you have any problems with registering for this then please email me on and I
will get back to you when I can. The Prizes will be a t shirt and hoodie of your choice to the winner with a t shirt to the runner up. Good Luck.

Website Updates

We continue to develop our website to include
a little cultural diversity. Still based around all things Stoke and beautiful we have updated our Poetry page which features the work of the Bard of the Boothen End, Ian Dyer. Ian has released his first Stoke City Poetry CD. It is called One to Ten, featuring
10 of his poems. It is available from our site. All profits will be going to the Donna Louise Children’s Hospice, We also have a page dedicated to
Art that relates to Stoke
City and features Potter 63’s fantastic work which we now have on sale soon both as prints and on T shirts. We also have a blog page which can be found here –                                   
Show us your shirts is a page on our site dedicated to you wearing your stoketshirts, so take a pic of yourself wearing your shirt, send it to us at
and we will get them posted. You might spot a couple of your heroes if you check out the page now –
Show us your shirts

Our mailing address is:, P.O. Box 1863, Stoke – on – Trent, Staffordshire,      ST4 9GZCopyright © 2009 All rights reserved.