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Danny Higginbotham does “internet interview”

May 21st, 2013 No comments

Just in case you may have missed this, Danny Higginbotham appeared in a “live internet interview” this morning (Tues 21st May 2013.

Here’s what was asked and answered in the Q&A session

Live: Stoke City old boy Danny Higginbotham answers your questions

Tuesday May 21, 2013
Hi everyone we’re ready to roll and Danny wants your questions
Comment From John, Fenton
Hi Danny, Have Stoke under-performed his year?
Yes, I think they have, but it’s been a bizarre season because going into the last game they could have finished 10th.
I think now it’s more to do with the style of play and results certainly haven’t been what supporters have expected.
Comment From Mike
Danny, what’s your take on pigs-head gate?
I think it’s a storm in a teacup really.
All types of banter goes on and it’s just the fact it’s come out in public which has alerted people’s attention to it.
Sometimes it can get out of hand though.
But more often than not everything is straightened out.
Comment From Mike from Newcastle.
Hi Danny, which Stoke team mate over the years would you least want to play a practical joke on?
Lennie Lawrence and Andy Griffin because if you do anything to them it’s coming back at you worse than anything you can imagine.
I’ve been on the receiving end.
I will just mention a floating turd in a drink!
Comment From Chris, Meir Heath
Is Glenn Whelan daft, brave or does he really love flip-flops? And is Abdoulaye Faye the hardest man in football?
Glenn can be a fiery character and if he believes in something he will always have his opinion, which is the best way in football.
Abby was one of the most laid back lads I’ve ever met.
But when he got angry you stayed out of his way… though that was very, very rare.
Comment From Laura
Hi Danny, what’s your favourite memory as a Stoke City player?
Beating Arsenal in our first season in the Prem is right up there.
Everybody was writing us off and we beat them fairly and squarely.
They couldn’t really handle us and I think that’s when we started to believe in ourselves.
The atmosphere was also brilliant that day… and Wenger moaning about us afterwards made it all the sweeter!
Comment From Dave, Bucknall
Hi Danny. Did any sledging ever take place as Rory was about to whirr in a long-throw? What was the best? Which defence was the most intimidated?
I’ll always remember the home game against Hull when Dean Windass was warming up in front of Rory on the touchline to try and put him off.
And in the same game do you remember the goalkeeper putting the ball out for a corner instead of a throw.
As for those that struggled against Rory’s throw, you’d have to say Arsenal in that first season and also in the FA Cup against them.
And do you remember Jagielka’s og from a real fast throw from Rory?
Comment From Colin, Yarnfield
What do you think of ex-teamate James Beattie being appointed as manager of Accrington Stanley? Is he management material?
When I played with Beats at Southampton and Stoke I didn’t really think he was a manager in the making.
But when you look at his qualities as a player, you realise he has all the attributes such as his will to win and the way he will take full responsibility for everything.
He was also a great laugh.
That was brilliant for team spirit and so I think he’ll create a great environment and the players will want to play for him.
Comment From Ralphy
Danny, Who would be a realistic top signing for Stoke, also if TP Left, who would be the ideal Manager to take the Potters forward
A goalscorer would be nice, how about Andy Carroll?
He’d lead the line very well and the style of play at Stoke would suit him very well because he brings others into the game.
As for replacing TP, if that was to happen, I’d go for someone like di Matteo.
But there would definitely be a transitional period if that happened.
Comment From Will
What are your plans for the future Danny?
I’ve got one more year left at Sheffield United and then I’ll assess it during the season.
But I’m looking already to get more involved in the media and maybe the coaching side as well.
Comment From Pete, Tean
Why isn’t Ryan Shawcross in the England squad?
He’s been in once of course but Roy Hodgson is thinking there’s better candidates out there at the moment.
I think that being at the bigger clubs definitely gives you more chance of playing for England.
It wouldn’t surprise me if a bigger club came in for Ryan.
Which one? I look at someone like Liverpool with Carragher retiring.
Comment From Dave
Hi Danny, is it now time for Pulis to go?
I think that decision should be up to Tony Pulis himself after everything he’s done for the club.
There are arguments for and against it.
I think if he were to go there would be a big transitional period because he’s run Stoke from top to bottom and that would need a lot of adjusting from for the new man.
Also, just look at the likes of Charlton, who thought the grass was greener.
But whatever happens, there’s no doubt the club needs to evolve this summer whether Tony Pulis is the manager or not.
Comment From Angela
Is it difficult to constantly keep playing the way we do at Stoke in terms of effort? What do you see as the shelf life for most players at Stoke before they need moving on?
There’s no doubt that playing for Stoke, especially in certain positions, you have to be unbelievably fit.
The deep lying centre forward, Jon Walters, and your two wingers work harder than any players in the Premier League in my opinion because of the way Stoke play.
As for shelf life Angela, you’re always kept fit at Stoke there’s not too much difference in shelf life there as other clubs and I think early to mid 30s, like Rory, is usually the time to move on.
Comment From Pottermouse
What would be a realistic goal for Stoke next season Danny?
It has to be to finish in the top 10.
Especially now with the squad and the likely new signings.
A good cup run and from a fan’s point of view a more attractive style of football.
Comment From Jim, Longton
Hi Danny, what is your best anecdote about Ricardo Fuller?
I’ve often been given abuse for my dress sense – people call me a tramp – but Ricardo Fuller has possibly the worst collection of boxer shorts I’ve seen in my life.
He would stand there having a go at my clothes, while wearing these boxer shorts looking like a 1970s table cloth.
But that summed up Stoke City during my time there.
Nobody was exempt from the banter and everybody got on unbelievably, creating a great team spirit.
And as a player, Ricardo was one of the most gifted players I’ve ever played with.
He was so off the cuff and the goal he scored at West Ham was sublime and showed you in a nutshell what he was like as a player.
If only Stoke now had a 28 year-old version of him.
Comment From cmc89
Danny, do you know who is responsible for pig-gate?
Comment From Phil
What’s the deal with square pegs and round holes at Stoke? What will be Ryan Shotton’s best position?
That’s the way Tony Pulis plays.
When it comes to the back four, for instance, he’s never really asked for attacking full backs because he wants to keep a solid defence and really let the front five or six get on with it.
As for Ryan Shotton, I think full back will be his best position and he seems to have come on a lot this year.
Comment From StokieRob
You went through a tough time as a young player while on loan from Man Utd. in Belgium. Would you say that was a changing point in your career and can you tell us about the part Sir Alex Ferguson played in your life?
Hi Stokie Rob, going to Belgium was definitely a time when I had to stand on my own two feet at about 18 or 19.
I went where nobody spoke English and I had to embrace the culture of at least 17 different nationalities in the changing room.
It was at the time when the Balkans was at war and I was playing with a lot of players from both sides.
So you learn a lot about people, not just football, and met some good people.
As for Sir Alex, he taught you how to live your life in a professional way and how to behave on and off the pitch.
What he taught me has kept me in good stead throughout my career.
He remembers his players and still says hello whenever I’ve seen him.
Comment From Keith
What are the key attributes in “Stoke DNA”? Which player epitomises that spirit?
I think Jon Walters epitomises it best.
The Stoke DNA is a very selfless player who puts the team before himself and will run through a brick wall for the football club.
Comment From Rory
There is a perception that once you cross Tony Pulis there’s no way back. (Kitson, Beattie & Pennant are cases in point). Is this a fair perception?
Yes, that’s probably fair to say.
Tony Pulis has his own ways of doing things and once you cross that line there’s very rarely any coming back.
It’s a shame because the aforementioned players were good players, where as some managers will forgive and forget.
Comment From Pete, Tean
Would Stoke have won the FA Cup final if you had been fit?
Yes, I’d have scored the winner
Comment From Topher
Marc Wilson has ultimately been your replacement at left-back, how do you think he has adapted to that unfamiliar position?
To say that he came as a central midfielder, he’s done an excellent job and adapted very well.
I still feel as though eventually he will be playing in centre mid because of his range of passing and his feet are great.
Comment From Dave
Do you regret your decision to leave Stoke for Sunderland? I was gutted at the time! The emotion shown after the QPR game by yourself certainly showed the passion you had for the club so the switch to the North East came as a shock.
Yes I do regret it now and I regretted probably after a few months.
For me to go back to the Premier League at that time was a great opportunity and to work for one of my idols (Roy Keane) at a club like Sunderland was something I couldn’t turn down.
I was just fortunate Stoke came back in for me after they won promotion and I can honestly say that in the two spells I had at Stoke it was the best time I had in my football career by a long way.
Comment From Liam
Are you the Secret Footballer … or do you know who is?
No and No.
I don’t read papers much these days *(except the Sentinel of course), but when I was younger you’d get every newspaper on a Sunday morning to see what mark you got.
Younger players are a lot more insecure and you want the praise of everybody and you want it to be justified.
Comment From Henry
Hi Danny, were you ever to go into management, what is the number 1 lesson you have learned from Tony Pulis?
I’ve no real interest in management.
But what I learned from Tony Pulis, especially early on, is that in order to be a good manager you have to be a good man manager and deal with all different types of characters.
For example, myself and Rory, because we’d been there such a long time, Tony Pulis would have no issue with kicking us up the backside because he knew the way we’d take it.
Comment From Topher
You always played well at centre-back when given the chance, was it frustrating to be out wide so often?
Yes it was frustrating, but when I look back on my career it’s happened at most clubs.
And it probably makes you more attractive to other clubs that you can play both positions.
But when you’re younger you do feel as though it is hindering you because you’re trying to make one position your own.
But as you get older you realise you got more games because of it.
Comment From Dazza
Danny not so much of a question, just want to say thanks for your time here, you always were a true professional. Thanks for all the memories
Thanks Dazza. It was a pleasure playing for Stoke and I’ve got a lot of fond memories which I will probably appreciate more when I have time to reflect on my career.
Comment From Carl
Hi Danny, any thoughts on the future of most of stoke’s younger players with the academy now being given more support and money will we see any Youth prospects in the next season or two
Hi Carl, I think Stoke have got a lot of catching up to do, especially when you look at the catchment area and the other clubs around.
Up until recently, my son was at Crewe and the appeal of a club like Crewe is that they rely on youngsters coming through so you know if your son’s good enough he’ll have an opportunity to play first team.
At Stoke it’s different, but I see they are trying to change that.
Comment From Ben
Best goal you have seen or scored?
I think this year it has to be van Persie’s against Villa.
Personally, my goal against Newcastle at the Britannia was my favourite from my career.
Comment From Nick
It’s mentioned in the introduction so I’m just going to go ahead and ask. If you were Peter Coates, what would you do this summer re: the manager?
I’ve already answered that one earlier on Nick, but thanks anyway
Comment From Dan
Danny hi, do you think we will sell Asmir and how do you rate Butland?
I think that buying Butland would make me think that Asmir will go in the summer because you are not going to leave one of Thomas Sorensen, Asmir or Butland in the stands on a match day.
I think Asmir has the potential to be one of the best and it wouldn’t surprise me if one of the top teams come in for him.
Looking around, you’d say Arsenal need a goalkeeper more than any of them.
Comment From Jake
What do you think about the stories regarding Phil Neville being approached as first team coach? Do you think he would do a good job?
I’ve spent a bit of time with Phil Neville at Man United and he was the ultimate pro, along with his brother.
I feel that when he does take that next step into the coaching side he will become one of the best.
As for coming to Stoke, I’ve no idea, but like I say he’d be a great addition to any club.
Comment From Rich
My uncle steve is a massive sheff utd fan an he’s 50 in a few weeks, can you give him a shout for his birthday!
Happy birthday Steve!!
Comment From Simon
If Shawcross were to leave who do you think would make the best club captain?
I’d say Robert Huth.
He has the respect of all the players.
As for him being hard, I just don’t think he feels any pain.
I remember him getting treatment once and he said something like “I haven’t got time to bleed.”
Comment From Rich
And more seriously. Who is the hardest player you’ve come up against?
It’s someone I remember as a young lad at Man United.
We went over to Ireland to play in a testimonial and I was about 18.
Their centre forward came up to me before the game and said if you touch me I’m going to break your nose.
After five minutes we went up for a header and he broke my nose with his elbow.
Some testimonial that was.
Comment From StokieRob
Danny, dressing rooms – I guess that TP leaves the players to their own devices and this is very much their space with the senior players running the ship. Where you and Rory the judge and jury back in the day?
I wouldn’t say we were as much the judge and the jury as the guilty and the not guilty.
I’d usually get the blame for the banter, while if Rory had done something he just couldn’t keep a straight face.
Age never came into it.
Old or young, you all got involved in the banter back then.
Comment From Topher
Can you put into words how you felt when that FA Cup free kick went in against West Ham?
I remember hitting it and Robert Green getting his hand to it, but being aware the ball had gone over the line.
Then when I saw the linesman running back to the half-way line I knew the goal had been given.
The feeling you get when you score any time is great, but to score us the goal that got us to Wembley was even more special.
Comment From Mo
What are your top 3 albums, and who makes you laugh (cannot be related to you).
What’s The Story Morning Glory by Oasis, anything by The Killers and I also like Foo Fighters.
Who makes me laugh? Andy Griffin. Not many people know this, but he used to have a tatoo on his shoulder of Tweetie Pie with a shotgun in his hand and decided to cover it up with something in the shape of a black sun.
But you can still Tweetie Pie.
He’s a very good friend, so he won’t mind me saying that!
Comment From Rich
Do you ever regret anything you’ve done or not done in your career?
I’ve made mistakes in my career, which everybody does, but I don’t have any regrets.
Mistakes are fine as long as you learn from them, it’s part and parcel of life in any field, not just football.
But you can’t do anything about regrets.
Comment From John
What’s your favourite oatcake filling?
Cheese, ham and onion
Comment From Joe
Big fan Danny! Who is the most skilful player you have played with at stoke?
Anywhere, it was Kinkladze at Derby, at Stoke it was Ricardo or Tuncay.
Comment From Ben
True Legend Danny! Loved watching you from the boothen!
Thanks Ben and thanks everyone else for writing in and reading my responses.

Rory Delap launches new Rainy Day Appeal for Donna Louise Hospice

September 6th, 2012 No comments

A week or so ago we got a call from The Donna Louise Children’s Hospice Trust to enquire if we print umbrellas. Odd we thought but it was then explained that it was to launch a new appeal to help combat the lack of funds that the hospice has received due to events being cancelled during the rainy summer.
The Rainy Days Appeal was launched earlier this afternoon (Thursday 6th September) at The Hospice by Stoke City’s Rory Delap, The Lawton Family (Liam and his Mum Lisa) who are supported by the charity, under our printed umbrellas.

Rory starts to serenade Liam & Lisa “Under my Umbrella, ella, ella”

The Trentham-based Hospice is now launching its Rainy Days Appeal to encourage people
to make a quick donation and to also have some fun raising money.

Through the appeal, people can make a quick and simple donation to
rainydaysappeal where each donation of £5 or more will automatically be entered into a
prize draw to win a Family ticket to Waterworld.

Donations can also be made by mobile, just TEXT “Rain77 £(amount)” to 70070 or by
cheque made payable to The Donna Louise Trust. Alternatively, call into the Hospice at
Grace Road in Trentham with any donations.

The idea of the Rainy Days Appeal is to have some fun organising an event where you may get wet!
If you would like to hold a fundraising event, why not have a wellie day, where everyone can
enjoy swapping their shoes for wellies in return for a donation.

Melanie Mills, Director of Fundraising and PR, said: “Our fundraising income is 30% lower
than expected and we are now drawing on our reserves to ensure the 24/7 running costs of
the Hospice can be met.

The Summer months of June, July and August are usually some of our busiest and most
successful fundraising months. However, due to the poor weather this year, we have ended
the summer £80,000 short of our expected income. To put that in context, £80,000 is enough
to run our Hospice service for 13 days.

“We are committed to keeping the Hospice open 24/7, but we need help to make up some of
the shortfall and are calling on the generosity of local people and businesses to join us.”

Melanie added: “We are a local hospice, supported by the local community and caring for
local children and their families. Please join us by donating or having a wellie day and help us
ensure we can always be there for the children who need us – rain or shine.”

Keep in touch with the Fundraising Team with any wellie events and contact them on 01782
654444 or You can also visit and
join them on Facebook.

We’ve found a great website with photos of Rory getting a soaking from a young lady at the event – make sure you check out both pages 🙂
Mepics Photography: Roryrain &emdash;

Mepics Photography: Roryrain &emdash;

Mepics Photography: Roryrain &emdash;


Port Vale Administration – List of creditors

September 1st, 2012 No comments

When the Vale went bust for the second time in 10 years this is the list of people that they left out of pocket. From  £1.8m owed to Stoke-on-Trent City Council (us the council tax payers) to expenses of £14.80 from former Vale chief executive Perry Deakin,

ADT Fire & Security, Halesowen £2,379.91

Advanced Card Bureau, Dorset £153.11

Afford Rent-a-Car, Fenton £129

AMS Securities, Baldwins Gate £0

AP Designs, Sutton Coldfield £1,284

Atlasco Construction, Chesterton £12,137.10

Azure Support Services, Macclesfield £39,791.46

Alextra Accountants, Crewe £1,214.40

Bakers Coaches, Biddulph £0

BGC, Burslem £65

BHygienic, Trentham £21

Blythe Pictures, Longton £375.60

Booker Cash & Carry, Stoke £190.53

Bowcom Florence Works, Cardiff £40.99

British Telecom, Gateshead £429.74

British Red Cross, Paisley, Scotland £1,824

BSI Company, Taunton, Somerset £37.70

Bluefin, Surrey £1,445.28

C.J. Bayley, Burslem £628.68

Campey Turf Care Systems, Macclesfield £417.12

Card Express, Ossett, W Yorks £604.25

Cavalier Studios, Stockport £1,929.60

City of Stoke rates, Stoke £3,199.87

City Locks & Ironmongery, Tunstall £78.00

Control Energy Costs, Surrey £3,130.93

City of Stoke Local Tax Office, Stoke £17.35

Continental Solutions Limited, Gibraltar £277,734

Demonprint, Stafford £72

Dimensions, no address given £2,199.78

Dr Phillips & Partners, Shelton £2,586

David Lee, Baldwins Gate £42

Dr G V Reddy, Shelton £7,975

Edge Creative, Sutton Coldfield £450

FWB Products, Stoke £508.68

Gazprom, Kingston-Upon-Thames £3,723.02

George Green Solicitors, Cradley Heath £32,453.40

GTEQ Solutions, Macclesfield £0

Health On-Line, Tunbridge Wells, Kent £1,337.74

Health Partners Europe, Belmont, Surrey £466.69

Heritage Leisure Designs, Basford £8,420.86

Hollywood Monster, Birmingham £1,230.00

HSBC £275.08

HM Revenue & Customs ICHU £0

HMRC Debt, Enforcement & lnsolvency £189,965.21

Jessops, Leicester £9.07

J-Media, Wilmslow £3,681.54

Jeff Vernall, Kidsgrove £340

Paula Jones, Kinver, Staffordshire £0

Lloyds MOT Test Centre, Tunstall £4

Louis Taylor, Hanley £625

Maverick Promotions, Grantham, Lincs £2,182.25

Modern Engraving, Stoke £127.20

Morplan, Harlow, Essex £49.12

Martin David Morris, Basford £264

MWay, Bucknall £2,819.76

Newcastle College £4,176

NPower Direct, Leeds £6,679.06

Nuffield Proactive, Surbiton, Surrey £15.60

Nuprint Lithographic, Newcastle £108

Orona, Sheffield £1,069.99

Perry Deakin (expenses), Burntwood, Staffs £14.80

PC World Business, Bury £60.87

PHS Washrooms, Caerphilly £248.40

Plan 4 Sport, Lichfield £2,700

Portakabin, York £1,091.97

PRM Sport, Lichfield £4,999.20

Protec Fire, Nelson, Lancs £65.35

Rangers FC, Glasgow £3,550.56

Redsquid Communications, Hertford £36

Regal Sports Press, Denbigh East, Bucks £5,443.20

Rubicon Digital, Chesterfield £281

Keith Ryder, no address given £100,000

Sporting Logic, Alvechurch, Birmingham £1,512

Stephen G Plant Consultant, Bagnall £240

S&A Pet Discs, Pontypridd £70

S.A.B Risk Management, Stafford £6

SAS Refrigeration, Adderley Green £213

Sage UK, Newcastle-upon-Tyne £309.42

Sales Pitch (Patrick Mews), Staffordshire £1,147.20

Scottish Power, Glasgow £5,611.57

Security Plus, Uttoxeter £60.60

Security Services, Stoke £672

Staffordshire Sentinel, Etruria £0

Seven L, Chorley, Lancs £0

Severn Trent Water, Coventry £17,588.92

Silver Fox, Rough Close £65

Simmons of Stoke-on-Trent, Etruria £1,586.14

Sky Business, Livingston, West Lothian £0

Sneyd Building Contractors, Cliffe Vale £82.24

Sporting ID, Newcastle-upon-Tyne £644.52

Stadium Experience, Hampshire £236

Staffordshire FA, Stafford £285

Stage Management Services, Bentilee £0

Strata Window World, Etruria £135.60

Stoke-on-Trent City Council, Stoke £1,859,000

T.G. Baker (Sound), Blackburn, Lancs £5,385

George Hotel, Burslem £780

Tarmac Building Products, Buxton £242.40

The Stanland Group, Thornaby £699.93

Thor Lightning Protection, Hanley £180

Titanic Brewery, Burslem £210.42

TLC Cleaning, Biddulph £504

Travis Perkins, Northampton £2,650.84

Co-operative Bank, Stafford £42,007.51

Vandanel Premier, Loughton, Essex £161.69

Vodafone, Newbury £2,045.54

West Midlands Ambulance, Worcester £0

Witan Creations, Stafford £2,595.53

TOTAL £ 2,688534.09

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Michael Owen Signs – Pic in Strip and Interview

June 17th, 2012 No comments

Michael Owen Signs – Pic in Strip and Interview

Ex Liverpool, Man United, Newcastle and England International talks about signing

Stoke City – New Supporters Council – Q&A text

January 30th, 2012 No comments

For those of you who may have missed the recent webchats on the Official Stoke City web site ( with Question and Answer sessions on The Stoke City Supporters’ Council there are copies of the text below:-

Supporters Council Q&A – Part One

11:05 Welcome to for our live Q&A for the new Stoke City Supporters’ Council
Comment From Serene
Who will play goalie for todays game?
11:06 It depends who the manager picks?
Comment From Paul
I may well have missed this is in the press release but what is the timescale whereupon this council would hold it’s first meeting and will their be any permanent members (e.g from the club etc)?

11:12 The first meeting will take place before the Wolves game. Regarding Club members, the Chief Executive has stated that he will attend all meetings and I would imaginge both the PR Consultant Steve Buxton and Head of Community Adrian Hurst will attend and where appropriate any other senior members of the management team.

Comment From Jonathan
If I applied when do I have to send my video to you?

11:24 Originally the plan was to wait until all applications had come into the club then film everybody over a week at the stadium. However we may review this due to the response that we have had. So you would come to the stadium and the filming would be done by us.

Comment From Glyn
Are the club looking to expand the capacity of the stadium in the near future?

11:27 Glyn – you have read the Chairmans thoughts on this and I am sure its is being given due consideration.

Comment From James
How Old Do You Have To Be So You Can Be On Council

11:34 James – Generally we expect most people to be over 18, unless standing in the under 18 categories. However if any member under 18 wishing to stand can do so if they are eligible.

Comment From Paul
Has there been a quantifiable response to date?

11:35 Paul – yes

Comment From Emily
Will the supporters council be able to make recommendations to the club regarding ticket allocation to important games?

11:39 Emily – recommendations will be welcomed from the supporters council regarding matters like this, but there are several key factors to consider

Comment From Angela Smith
How’s it going? I hope that fans will see this as an opportunity to get involved in the future of the club

11:46 Well thank you! You are right its a great opportunity to get involved.

11:49 Paul – the last couple of days have seen a large amount of telephone calls regarding the supporters council.

Comment From Guest
Not sure who is answering these questions, but gareth and I (we have been involved with setting up the council) are happy to answer q’s on Oatcake if needed

11:59 We have this official Q&A today until 1 and again on Thursday from 4-7pm. If you have any questions we would encourage you to ask us during these sessions.

Comment From bjorn
as a member of the norwegian supporters club will we have a place?

12:15 Any supporters club or branch who wish to adhere to the terms and conditions to operate as a recognised supporters club or branch with over 200 members will have an automatic place on the council.

12:18 Paul – I personally have taken over 30 telephone calls. A colleague has taken a similar amount and through the information email we have had several enquiries.

Comment From Paul
If I can’t get a straight answer to my question at this stage it doesn’t bode well for the future. How many telephone enquiries and how many by other means. I am not looking for exact numbers but “yes” is not a quantity!

Comment From bjorn
will we be able to pick our own representative?

12:26 bjorn – as a supporters club or branch you will nominate your own representative to the supporters council. It can be be any member you choose, but this person will be the communication link to the supporters council from your supporter club or branch.

Comment From Paul
Thanks for that. Will the council be allowed to raise issues directly with external organisations (e.g Local council, UEFA etc)?

12:34 Paul – Thats a good question. The Supporters Council will not be able to represent Stoke City Football Club. Any individual or group is able to make representation to any third party should they wish.

12:36 Supporters Council questions only please!
Get your application filled in and make Oatcakes part of your first manifesto 🙂

Comment From Guest
when will the club start selling the fantastic north staffs oakcake at the club on match days. I love the pies but miss the oatcake

Comment From tony myatt
im a platinum plus member why have people been given priorty tickets because they have booked the valencia trip with stoke some people can book that tripand not of been a game all season

12:43 Tony – Sorry I am not able to answer this question for you. The Commerical department will be able to answer your question. Their contact details are

Comment From Clive
What’s happened to the traditional bacon and cheese oakcake via the in ground catering. I love the pies but miss the potteries traditional meal deal!

12:46 All this talk of food is making me feel hungry !

Comment From Clive
where do I find application?

12:47 All the information regarding the application process for the Supporters Council can be found at:,,10310~2580260,00.html

Comment From Paul
Why have we only been allocated only 2,300 tickets at Valencia; when under UEFA regulations we are entitled to 2,750 (5% of 55,000) plus 200 VIP tickets?

12:53 Paul – We have had the same amount of tickets as previous English clubs had been allocated (Manchester United & Chelsea). I can assure you we have requested more tickets on several occasions, but as of yet our requests have been unsuccessful.

12:56 Anymore supporter council questions?

Comment From MICK

13:03 Mick – I look forward to seeing standing as the voting system is simple. The same software (questback) which you will need to complete to be a candidate will be made a available to vote for you favourite candidate. An example of what it would look like is the current Stanley Matthews story on the website.,,10310~2583455,00.html

Comment From Stu

13:04 Stu, lets see what is campaign looks like:)
13:07 Thanks for all your questions we now have to get ready for this afternnons Premier League fixture Stoke City v WBA. Remember we are back Thursday afternoon 4-7pm.
Supporters Council Q&A – Part Two

Thursday January 26, 2012
15:56 Welcome to for the second Stoke City Supporters Council Q&A session

15:56 Any supporters wishing to ask a question relating to the Supporters Council can do so below

Comment From Rob
Hello, I submitted my application for nomination online at the weekend, just wondering if I will get n email confirmation of my application as I’ve heard nothing as yet
16:10 Rob
Originally we were going to wait until the end of the nomination period before contacting candidates. However somebody from the Club should be in contact with you next week.

16:11 Clive can we keep the topic of supporters council please.

Comment From James
What is the youtube link to view the videos?

16:13 James this is the link that you are after
Comment From Chris
When will we be able to vote for our chosen candidates?
16:15 Chris – Voting starts on the 1st March
Comment From Jim
When will the candidates videos be uploaded?
16:20 We are hopeful to load the first batch of candidates some time in the next week or so. Or as soon as we can get the first group of candidates filmed
Comment From TPs Cap
has there been much interest from people to become councillors? How many have applied so far?

16:21 We have had significant number of enquires and several people had already put themselves forward.
Comment From Josh
It’s great we have a supporters council going. So, what advantages will this give to the club and supporters, and, are you open to ideas from members of the public not in the Council?
16:25 Josh – The published terms of reference for the supporters council is listed below.
Purpose and Terms of Reference
• The Council is established to facilitate dialogue between the Club and its supporters on matters of mutual interest. The Council can discuss any such matter placed on its agenda by a member or the Club, but excluding individual issues or disputes, except that general issues arising out of such matters may be discussed. The Club may use the Council as a sounding-board for significant new ideas before they are implemented.
• The Council is a consultative body and, as such, cannot take decisions which are binding on the Club. Where appropriate a “straw poll” of the views of the supporter representatives on the Council may be taken to inform the debate and assist the Club in its consideration of issues.
• All supporters on the Council will be democratically elected by a constituency of supporters.
Comment From tony myatt
why hasnt my question been answerd plz
16:27 Tony – We are here to answer questions on the supporters council
Comment From Steve
Do you have to do a video?
16:30 Steve – Yes all candidates will be asked to record a video because we believe that a position on the council will be a public facing role to some degree.
Comment From TPs Cap
A lot is expected from supporters in terms of commitment to the council as pointed out by the former chair of the fans forum, will the councillor’s get any reward from the club in return or is it expected to be an unpaid role?
16:32 It is an unpaid role.

Comment From James
several = 2? are you disappointed with the response so far/
16:33 No we are not unhappy with the response.

Comment From jason
how many candidates is there
16:35 Following the launch of this story the initial response has been very positive.
Comment From TPs Cap
Are you disappointed that the Tony Scholes video on the link above has only had 113 views?

16:37 No
Comment From BenH
Will the supporters club be able to influence such club decisions as the team kit? Especially with the club s 150th anniversary approaching?
16:43 Ben – please find the link to the website which provide the terms of reference of the supporters council.,,10310~2580260,00.html
Comment From TPs Cap
Could the council look at things like the poor mobile phone reception at the Britannia and why some phones lose internet access as they enter the ground?
16:45 TPs Cap – I see no reason why not.
Comment From Dan
Whats the difference between this and the fans forun

16:51 Dan – the main difference is that the supporters council will be a democratic elected body.

Comment From Guest
will supporters get a say or just give suggestions on things like who we would prefer upfront or in goal or something and if not what does the council do?
16:54 Guest – I would refer you to a previous answer that we gave Ben.,,10310~2580260,00.html
Comment From DB
Do the club really believe that the Supporters’ Council will influence any major change? Many fans have absolutely no confidence in this council having any effect whatsoever.
17:01 The supporters council is being established to enhance dialogue between the club and its fans on matters of mutual interest. The achievements of the council will be there for all to see… in the future

Comment From OCLions
Will the CEO be in attendance at council meetings?
17:02 OCLions

Tony Scholes has confirmed that he will attend the supporter council meetings
Comment From Dan
How many people are you looking at to be on the council, Could it be a case whereby there aren’t enough candidates to fill the amount of spaces and therfore there will be no need for a voting system
17:05 Details on the election and places/ seats available are on the website.,,10310~2589263,00.html
It might be the case that one person stands for a certain seat.
Comment From Steve
How will reps interact with the fans in their section? Will they have a yellow vest on or sit at a table on the concourse so we know who they are?

17:08 I would like to suggest that they will interact with there fans on a number of different levels that could include match days, social media or any other way they might decide. I guess my question would be how would you want them to interact?

Comment From Tubes
will Tony Scholes be present at meetings?

17:09 Yes

Comment From z
Do you have any specific issues you would like the council to deal with? Maybe better communication with fans, for example?

17:13 I am sure that there will be many topics that will require supporters council and club discussions.

Comment From janet
I would hope that supporters wishing to make a comment or suggestion would be able to do this via email to a secure area of the SCFC website. Some face to face meetings may also be useful

17:15 Janet – Should the supporters council have there own website?

Comment From Jake
Will it be okay for me to bring along my pet dog Rusty to the filming session about candidacy as I will have no-one to look after him?

17:16 Jake – How will you attend the meetings then?

Comment From janet
I would also hope that supporters who wish to be considered as council members, will give some ideas of what issues are important to them. A website for this forum is a good idea – ideally with a link from SCFC

17:18 Janet – This is something that we can look at.

Comment From Runar K
How can Stoke City Supporters Club of Noray apply for a direct representation, I think we are qualified

17:23 Runar K – If the SCSC of Norway fulfill this criteria then they will be entitled to a place on the Council.
Any democratically constructed supporter organisation which can demonstrate it has 200 + members will be entitled to appoint a member to the council. Such groups must have democratically-elected officers/committee and give its members the chance to meet to discuss club issues at least 3 times a year.
Comment From Tubes
agree with Janet – the only way to have a forum truly representative of the larger body of fans is to have candidates publish a manifesto of sorts so fans can select those who they feel would best represent their views.
Comment From Runar K
Yes, I know. But I ask about how we apply, or join in. We fulfill all the criteria. But will we be invited, do we send in a formula or by email? Bec direct repr will nor be elected, right?
17:31 Runar – I would suggest contacting Adrian Hurst or Steve Buxton at the Club as they will be able to talk you through the process.

Comment From barry
will Tony Scholes be present at meetings?
17:32 Yes he will.
Comment From Runar K
Thanks. We know Mr Buxton, we’ll take it from there. Keep up the good work.

Comment From shaun
how do i apply

17:36 Shaun – All the information is on the website. If you have any further questions. I am listening.

Comment From neil
will the council be included in any ground improvments plans? eg filling in the corners

17:43 The Council will have the opportunity to discuss many topics with the Club. Some of these topics will be driven by supporters through their Council members.
Comment From Rob
Wil the supporters council actually be getting a say in what goes on throghout the club? Or will they just be general meetings in a way to appease supporters?
17:45 Rob – The Council will have the opportunity to discuss many topics with the Club. Some of these topics will be driven by supporters through their Council members.
Comment From janet
Looking at the comment from Tubes at 17-26, it may be worth having a council member who is willing to liaise with all or some of our overseas supporters clubs. They may have a different perspective on club matters and also be able to provide good links if needed when we play abroad e.g. in Valencia
17:48 Janet – Any supporter branch who has 200 members will be entitled for direct representation to the supporters council. Regarding overseas we plan to announce the meetings at the start of the season so should they wish to attend they can schedule the meeting into a visit.
Comment From TPs Cap
Is The CEO involved in this web chat? Who at the club is answering these questions, is it Steve and Adrian?

17:49 Tony was involved earlier. Adrian and Steve are still here.

Comment From Status Quo
The Official Site said the club “may” take supporters views into consideration. That would suggest that they will not always count, if so under what circumstances would the club NOT take fans views into account ???

17:53 Any question can be asked or any point can be raised. The purpose of the supporters council is to have an effective mechanism to communicate between the Club and supporters.

Comment From TPs Cap
How many council members will sit at each meeting when the full quota is achieved? Will it be 8 plus all representatives of Any democratically constructed supporter organisation? Will there be an upper limit on numbers?

17:56 TP –
Each of the following categories will be entitled to one seat elected from the electorate within that category.
* 1x Registered Disabled supporter
* 2x Season Ticket holders sitting in the family area, one of whom must be aged under 18
* 1x Corporate member
* 1x Season Ticket holder in the Q-railing Stand Upper Tier
* 1x Season Ticket holder in the Q-railing Stand Lower Tier
* 1x Season Ticket holder in the Boothen End
* 1x Season Ticket holder in the Seddon Stand other than the family area
* 1x Season Ticket holder in the South Stand
* 1x Season Ticket holder, must be aged under 18

Plus eight general seats. Plus several direct represenation seats

Comment From TPs Cap
Sorry for so many q’s, when will the meetings be scheduled for? This is important to me as I would like to ensure that I can attend meetings before committing to be a candidate

17:58 TP – The Council will meet a minimum of three times a season. It will normally meet on a Saturday matchday morning from, 11.00am to 1.00pm. The Club will ensure appropriate Board/Senior management representation from the relevant sections (ticketing, stewarding, membership etc), who could speak with authority. The Club will provide a buffet at the meeting.
Shall we be seeing you?

Comment From Adolf
Out of respect for our best player I believe we should play the german national anthem before our home tie against Valencia, Robert Huth deserves some recognition. If Crouch is regarded as a “Rolls Royce” then surely that makes Huth our “Bugatti Veyron”.

18:00 Come on its taking to long to read all your questions lets keep it supporter council focused.
Comment From TPs Cap
You could be seeing me, unless I get a dog named Rusty 🙂

Comment From TPs Cap
It could be a fair sized meeting then, 18 members plus several direct representative seats. Possibly upwards of 40 people?

18:06 It could more than 40, this will be dependant on the amount of supporter club branches with over 200 members.

Comment From TPs Cap
Can you remind me of who is entitled to a “general” seat? Is that for non season ticket holders?
18:09 TP – There will be eight general seats elected from an electorate comprising all Season Ticket holders and members. Season Ticket holders and members will be eligible to stand in this category.
The candidates with the most votes will be elected, subject to at least one being a Member but not a Season Ticket holder. In the event of any election resulting in all the seats in this category being filled by Season Ticket holders, the candidate elected with the lowest number of votes will be replaced by the Member with highest number of votes from among the unsuccessful candidates.
Comment From TPs Cap
How do the club anticipate dealing with supporters that aren’t pc literate? Will there be a budget to have things like flyers printed to assist communications from council members?
18:13 I can confirm that the Club will provide sufficient resources to enable the supporters council to function.

18:27 The supporters council will be established by then. So I am sure members of the supporter council will want to discuss this.

Comment From BILL
Would you anticipate the Supporters Council having involvement in the 150th year celebrations with regards to which ways the club commemorate it? I’m sure there would be lots of ideas

Comment From TPs Cap
What is a member? Is it someone who has paid for one of the membership schemes? Do Foundation members qualify if that is the case? Is there any provision for supporters that attend games by paying for tickets on a match by match basis?

18:32 In the current make up of the supporters council has no provision for a non member, however the supporters council may decided to review this.

Comment From janet
Apologies if this is on the SCFC website – are the comments from saturday available for viewing?
18:34 Janet – All of Saturday’s question are available at the link below.,,10310~2581240,00.html
Comment From Paul
Will the council be allowed to appoint a smaller team to look into specific issue (e.g Ground improvements or car parking) and report back to the council?
18:49 I see no reason why they would not, but that would be for the supporters council to decide.
18:58 Many thanks for your questions. We look forward to lots of applications. Good night


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Rory Delap rides again for a great cause

June 16th, 2010 No comments

Longthrow Does The Longride 3

Rory before the ride in 2009 (courtesy of the Sentinel)

Stoke City’s most recognisable player,

Rory Delap, is once again setting off on a bike ride to raise money for The Donna Louise Children’s Hospice Trust. The latest journey will depart from Whitehaven docks at 7am on Saturday 26th June with the aim of cycling the challenging 140 miles coast to coast ride to Tynemouth in only two days.
The world famous exponent of the Longthrow will be joined by his brother in law Andrew Bretnall who has also taken part in the two previous fundraising rides in 2008 and 2009.

Rory gets set to go

To read about Rory’s motivation to do the challenge and more crucially to SPONSOR him then please see his justgiving page here:-

See the excellent video diary done by Dave Knapper of The Sentinel of last years “Longthrow does the Longride” here:-

There is also link below to the story that Sky sports did of Rory’s ride last year.,19528,11661_5353702,00.html

Please do whatever you can to support Rory and this great cause.

Get Leathered at Easter

March 29th, 2010 No comments

Get Leathered at Easter

Spring has sprung (just about) and it’s the time of year for chocolate eggs and hot cross buns (and possibly quite reflection on matters spiritual). Or not. Anyway, why should the kids get all the fun? We at are very pleased to announce that we’re moving into leather goods.

No! stop thinking about those sort of leather goods! Ours are far more useful. Why not treat a loved one or just treat yourself to either a new wallet or a passport holder – the summer holidays are just around the corner.

We have produced a wallet, made from a distinctive “distressed” look leather which are block embossed with our ever popular “SC/FC – Let There Be Stoke” design.

SCFC Let there be Stoke Wallet

They’re really practical as well – with enough pockets to hold at least eight bank or credit cards and have a double mesh screen flap designed to hold personal ID like a Driving License, Student Union or Oyster travel card. So next time you’re at the bar, whip out the readies from this unique piece of leather you’ll be proud to show off.

Our Passport holders are ideal for Stokies thinking about their summer holidays or who travel with work and want to declare their pride in being a Potter as well as their British-ness.

Stoke - on - Trent passport holder

Finished in soft red leather they proudly display the City of Stoke-on-Trent crest and the English translation of the City motto “United Strength is Stronger”. Just like the wallets they’re practical as well as stylish – they have a number of pockets to hold cash or travel documents and a clear window to display the owner’s passport when showing it to demanding officials.

Stoke - on - Trent passport holder inside

Both the wallets and passport holders are sourced locally in Staffordshire from a supplier that has high street retailer Next as one of it’s customers. The level of quality in the products is excellent and even better – prices for both items include post and packing. Wallets are £14.99 Passport Holders £12.99.

For a link to buy the wallet click here – WALLET
For a link to buy the passport holder click here – PASSPORT HOLDER

We have also made them available locally – The highly regarded, award winning, gift store The Pepper Kiln 19, The Strand, Longton is owned by fellow Stokies Ian and Jill. If you are calling in then don’t forget take a treat for their Stoke supporting Staffy Bull, Monty.

Hell Bent for Leather

Chelsea vs Stoke City Panorama

March 8th, 2010 No comments

Here’s the latest offering from my mobile phone camera.
This time it’s Chelsea away just before Kick Off in the FA Cup Quarter Final at Stamford
are we all JT’s children?

We also took our banner to the ground and have a few pics of it below.

Tony Says Hanging Baskets

Tony Says GOONER

Tony Says Shed? Should be Bed – Chelski fans were sleeping

Panoramic Photo – Wigan Away

February 13th, 2010 No comments

I usually take a few snaps when I travel away on my mobile phone (Nokia N97) and try to create a panoramic scene of the stadium. Here’s my attempt at Wigan on Tuesday when Stoke drew 1 each.

The photo quality has been reduced to save bandwidth but other than that, what do you think?

The DW Stadium Wigan vs. Stoke City

They're here, they're there, they're everying f***ing where, Empty Seats


You may also spot a few oddities in the positions of players on the pitch if you look closely enough.

Santa is a Stokie! An alternative matchday experience v Wigan. December 12th, 2009.

December 15th, 2009 No comments
Santa is a Stokie, the red and white's a clue.

Santa is a Stokie!

Santa is a Stokie! 
Yes, I can say that with as much confidence as I can say that “Abdoulaye Faye does not sleep, he waits” – because it’s a fact.  And we have photographic evidence from pitch-side.  “How did you get that?” I hear you ask. Well to cut a long story short, it was the Christmas “works do” last Saturday. It wasn’t planned that way, but as some of the more astute of you may have noticed from the matchday programmes, (sorry I mean “magazines”), our humble enterprise has been sponsoring Abdy Faye’s away kit this season – it’s our way of putting something back into the club that is the inspiration for our shirts and other merchandise. Part of that arrangement means that Rob and I can pick a match to attend and enjoy some hospitality in the Waddington Suite as well as a behind the scenes tour of the Brit – hence the exclusive snap of Santa waving from his executive box (reindeer and sleigh parked on the John Smith’s roof, just out of shot).

Apparently Stoke won the World Cup once?!

Apparently Stoke won the World Cup once?!

So it was that we arrived at the untraditionally early hour of 9.15am last Saturday and were shown the sites by Potters legend Terry (TC) Conroy from one or two of the more “privileged” parts of the stadium – the sky boxes, media suite and the hallowed walls of the Home dressing room to name a few. The tour is highly recommended and well worth booking on if you get chance – ours was a record group of 55 people – tribute to Terry Conroy’s unique slant on the day-to-day life of the Brit and the helpfulness of all the club staff as we went round interrupting their matchday routine.


There was even a visitor from foreign shores – a German chap (and Johan Boskamp lookalike) called Kristian who’d flown from New York. This prompted TC to ask if anyone else had travelled far. “Heron Cross!” came the shout from Rob. “Yes the name of Stoke City is really spreading out there”, quipped TC.

No clues on tactics here.
No clues on tactics here.
...or here.

...or here.


Once the tour was over, we took our seats in the Waddington Suite for some splendid (and warm!) Potteries fare before the game – chatting to the other guests there including renowned Stokie author Simon Lowe.  
Early present for Abdy.

Early present for Abdy.

The icing on the cake was about 30 minutes before kick-off when we went pitch-side to meet and greet the big man (No! Abdy – Not Santa!) as he finished warming up. He presented us with a signed shirt and in a cheeky return of favour, we handed him a “Abdoulaye Faye – Magnifique!” shirt. “For Me?!” he exclaimed in that characteristic voice before hurrying off to get shirted and booted.

Pitchside with Beats. Still Smiling!     
All-in-all a good day despite the result  – Saint Nick not quite gifting us 3 points – we mustn’t have been 100% good all year 😉  .