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McScooby’s “Imageology” – Graphics inspired by my love of Stoke City.

March 28th, 2010 No comments

Hi, I’m honoured to have been asked by to write a blog for them. I’m a regular poster on the Proboards “Oatcake” fanzine site and some of my posts have attracted interest due to their “graphic nature” 😀
The last couple of months have fueled my imagination, games against Man City and Arsenal in particular which were so full of contraversial decisions left me feeling angry and resentful BUT also produced many ideas for me to play with.
Alan Wiley’s mystifying performance during the game v. Manchester City at The Britannia Stadium was one particular occasion which got my brain sizzling. On my return journey home I couldn’t shake the idea that Wiley’s choice to:

  • send off a Stoke player
  • ignore Vieira’s tackle on Whelan
  • deny Shawross’s excellent header in the dying moments

was nothing short of theft…Grand Theft! Cue the birth of “Grand Theft Wiley”.
Grand Theft Wiley

Here’s the pics. of the T shirt we made up for McScooby with his great design.